Migrant Crisis Or Refugee Crisis? The Propaganda Battle

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Both sides are making it harder for me, as a Libertarian, to advocate for a market-based immigration policy. The left would say I'm racist and right says I'm a globalist. If you want come here, great! Have skill, open arms. But now, I don't get.
    • drewwest_press parent reply Yeah. I don’t get it. If someone isn’t a threat and society has enough room for them/the market, then why not let them in? If they are a problem then it’s also okay to turn them away. Both answers can be correct depending the situation.
  • freerangehobo reply You also have to consider the agenda 21 aspects of this whole phenomenon. Breaking down borders by causing chaos and tension along with the attempted efforts of globalists undermining our economy, and nearly destroying the middle class, all have been taking place and corresponding with crises after crises. We have to look at the picture closely and take off our rose tinted glasses while doing so.
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