Do You Know What Your Children Are Watching on YouTube?

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  • [ – ] moudi101 reply great video
  • NathanSifuGaming reply I saw a video about this by @EndTimesNewsReport a little while ago. YouTube consistently censors and demonetizes "wrong think", or even videos like this one, bringing attention to predatory material, while they keep this garbage monetized and "family friendly". Susan Wojcicki "feels pain" over a respectful article on the differences between men and women, but she's fine with this... could this just be part of the leftist agenda to further normalize pedophilia?
  • Big_Blue reply Youtube is worried about people speaking the wrong things so they got censor them, meanwhile this degenerate garbage harming our children's minds are set free. The rabbit hole goes far deeper. I imagine it is some kind of CIA experiment to test how media affects young children. And don't call me a nut, the CIA did a bunch of odd and disturbing things before that slip right by us or we accept as normal. It explains why they are not getting taken down. As for the money aspect it is true Youtube is making money off of this publicity as more important. Everyone is knowing about this and once again Youtube doesn't do anything about it while their reputation gets mucked about.
  • JimboJoe reply Good video. I have noticed these videos popping up on Youtube for the past year or two and now after seeing clips of them in this video, I only have this to say: What...the...fuck? Seriously, if I was a parent I would always check to see what my children are watching or looking at on the internet.
  • ULTRAZ reply I See a lot more truthers are coming here
  • SirDagon reply And subscribed, very well spoken, nice soft and relaxing voice, informative. I'll be watching from now on, keep up the good work.
  • SirDagon reply The worst part about these videos, is they are almost good... It's one of those good ideas done awful. A show with a guy dressed up as Spiderman saving a kid from a guy dressed as the joker or some other bad guy. Think the issue comes from this stuff is the kid version of click bait, and makes way more money than my idea.
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