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  • [ ÔÇô ] Forestal reply States policing morality instead of the law -- are they working off divine revelation or democratic representation´╝č
    • Nicodemous52 parent reply To be fair, all laws are a reflection of some idea of morality. I'll go one step further and say all governments are a theocracy, it is all just a matter of who "Theo" is.
  • Nicodemous52 reply Here is my take on Citizens United... 1) All PACs and campaigns are corporations, including things like the NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and the ACLU, if you say corporations are not allowed to spend money on political ads, that means they are not allowed to either 2)Unless the corporation is organized as a "non-profit" they are charged a tax as if they are a real person, why are they not allowed to spend money as if they are a real person if they can be charged a tax as if they are a real person?
  • Vidmefan101Z reply Great points on free speech, made with attitude. Q. What do you make of the Rebel media Ezra Klein Embezzlement Scandal? https://vid.me/66Uu1 or R.E.K.E.-Scandal, is it real?
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