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  • Prepperymike reply duckduckgo is a great alternative to google without the censorship. Its where I'm going if I get fed up with the google search bs.
  • Driveling reply The consumers make or break companies, and competition drives businesses to perform better. He's right, ultimately people will have to just seek alternatives. If enough people do it, maybe it'll send a clear wake up call. Mostly, I just want sites and apps that don't hinder the true value of the internet: decentralized information, and the means with which to broadcast and receive it. It might be a tiny bit of a wait to see, but either they gradually gain back their senses or confirm the atrocious corporate environment that lends itself to the type of censorious activity they're displaying.
  • AaronPB1 reply It's happening to many people with various political and social leanings. It's very disturbing.
  • EplxPro reply does this mean I need to think about not getting the $5 a month Google phone?
  • TheAngryBogan reply I don't like your chances of people rocking up to those types of marches now dude, but good luck anyway.
  • [ – ] TheTrue reply Vidme is a good start to breaking away from google, need more defectors from YouTube though. Time to call up a recruiting raid? I use Yahoo mail, have since before Gmail existed, so that helps me out to switch to DuckDuckGo. But iPhones are expensive, that will be the hardest part. I like my ZTE Zmax, but Google has become a liability that is no longer ignorable, so time to save up for Apple I guess.
    • EplxPro parent reply I have always had issues with Yahoo my email was always getting hacked. i would rather not have a phone going to an Iphone...
    • [ – ] lbochtler parent reply There is such a thing as the ubuntu phone, which is linux based and is not apple. We should develop an open source phone operating system. Another alternative are windows phones.
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