landscape 'backyard excavation progress' august 2017 blog

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I've been looking forward to see how you're going with the yard, well done you.
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply :) still crossing my toes for some dry days to get more done.. been potting some seeds on the windowsill meantime for the front moon garden.. Purple cornflowers & snow assylums.. Have just ordered 2 seeds - angels trumpet tree & moonflowers (the later blooms at night/glows with strong fragrance & spreads like a vine..) My wysteria vine is starting to show fluffy new buds in order to grow her new leaves (was her first winter) her names persephone since through winter she goes into the under world loosing all her leaves & returns in the spring with new growths/leaves :)
      • JustABloke parent reply Nature is such a powerful force we(I) sometimes take it for granted. Even though it is all arounds we forget about the amazing struggles that happens right in front of our noses. So glad to watch your channel.
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply I thought i heard you mention a fire pit. I am not a landscaper but , if you do repurpose those bricks , maybe you could use them as part of the fire pit., its just a thought.
    • bohemefit2 parent reply good idea but that wheel you see is where the pit will sit in the center & am looking at a cauldron style in inca clay or copper pit (been using the terracotta pot meanwhile).. with the black sun wheel arms the same as you see in the vlog. Plus i realy need barrier to weeds on the pathway, especially living at the bottom of a water basin & I dont use any chemicals or pesticides being a permeculturist & Vegan..
  • [ – ] the_epilepsy_guy reply Do you plan on keeping the bricks or move them and repurpose them ?
    • bohemefit2 parent reply depends on the final outcome of what is excavated. I could work with them or cover them up with a weed matt then grow english moss & purple thyme & mint over them for ground cover with a woodchip pathway (rune pavers ontop) looking at corsa mint as ground cover to which only grows 1cm & is amazingly like moss but you can step on it & when you do you smell the mint :) There's deep weed roots underneath & to be honest I was looking at a barrier under the path I wanted so bricks there actually makes a barrier already :)
  • [ – ] Thornack reply still a lot of work to do! Good luck with the nice plans :)
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