Damore, Google, And The Problem In Tech

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  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply Can't wait to watch Silicon Valley light itself on fire over identity politics and make way for some companies that actually want to market to customers and not politicians.
    • [ – ] DisgruntledAnon parent reply I live here...I do want to see the establishment die out, but just remember that everything comes with a cost, and after Berkeley and the turmoil involving Virginia, there will be radical responses on both wings. I'm going to buy a Mosin Nagant before it's too late. I hope nothing happens, but I doubt things will be this easy. But being in the belly of the beast means if something does happen, I can be the canary in the coalmine and spread word, hopefully rally the troops.
      • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd parent reply Damn, that sucks. Good luck dealing with the riots of insane hipsters and friendly definitely legal immigrants once the big employers either move or collapse
        • DisgruntledAnon parent reply I will try. Tonight I went on a jog down and back up my hill, the incline is rough but a great workout for the glutes. Even though I went to a theme park (Jewniversal Studios, blame my mom's obsession with showing her husband Reggie the place), I kept my intake under 2000 calories and limited the consumption of trash. I chewed gum and drank tea, as well as four bottles of water, and with the VIP passes we spent more time walking than waiting in lines, allowing for a better and more effective cardio workout. I will improve. I will speak to others within the right and understand what they're fighting for in its entirety. I will uphold all values that I hold dear, and learn everything that I can both about my allies and my enemies. If possible, I would prefer things go peaceably, but should things go sour, I have ordered my Mosin Nagant from my contact, I have limited my diet as much as I can manage in my wet-noodle stage of weight loss, and my mother and I have just joined a five-week ...morebootcamp to help us both gain strength. I recently had a conflict with a shitlib moderator on a furry discord server, because I was trying to passionately inspire people in the depression-venting channel to fight through their nihilism and depressive thoughts in order to find their path in life. This message was apolitical and I even stated that should it be applied to politics, I want them to understand both sides before acting rashly or enacting a political change. Despite this, they muted me for "bringing politics into the channel" so I decided to leave and speak with the friends within that I have made. This experience tells me that despite talking a big game about not politicizing things, they've effectively made nihilism the driving force in the left-leaning community of this furry server. Only three people rose above this, but hopefully I've changed a few minds with my speech in that server, whoever might be online to see it.
  • winter__leaf reply Software development has evolved to a point where methodologies accommodate people who can't code at all. That's how all of these humanities majors with purple hair have Google on their profiles. Jim, when I visit NormieBook it gives me aids. Please post on Minds too.
  • Auceza reply Feminism is cancer. This cancer is about to destroy Silicon Valley.
  • Lonecomplex reply The intolerance of those who do not accept Political Correctness is pretty well documented going back for as long as it's been around. It was inculcated into the doctrine of Political Correctness by its creators: The Frankfurt School. A lot of people have complained about this for a long time. "The Closing of the American Mind" was written in 1987, and of course the Frankfurt School operated for some time before that. All we're seeing now are the fruits of decades of totalitarian ideology being taught to children who grew up to hold positions in government and society. And just like any totalitarian ideology, you're either with them, or you're against them. There are no neutral parties here. The war is ongoing until everything is consumed. In the meantime, the closer those ideologues get to their goal, the less actual resistance they have to fight and the more they can manufacture resistance through purity spiraling and cannibalizing the moderates who might be among them.
  • Aviziotv reply More and more, SJWs are a insane cult.
  • TiberiusDuraga reply "Geek Feminism Wiki" ...I'm sorry, WHAT!?
  • zanardbell reply Thanks for uploading it to vid.me, Jim. Youtube gives me cancer, and not the good 'it'll kill me soon' kind.
  • elgabowsky reply My tip to all of you is start backing up all open courses around the web (udacity, coursera, edx). They're already getting more exclusive, and sjws love to be gatekeepers and hold institutional power. They'll try as hard as possible to limit STEM education only to the properly indoctrinated and neutered. Free and open access to education will always be anathema for them. Udacity has many of it's videos in their youtube channel. Using youtube-dl is enough for them. Gotta check how the backend works with other platforms.
  • IncredibleCanemian reply Whoever reads this gets a cyberhug, whether you want it or not.
  • [ – ] zelbekon reply That blacklist is an empty threat in my opinion, if they have these connections and on top of that have enough influence to actually steer the processes in companies they're not even employed in then why are they doing something as lowly as being a recruiter? I mean, with that kind of a power you could easily do something more profitable than that.
  • JFQ_Channel reply This is terrifying
  • RiccardoBlb reply Google: fight imaginary fascists with actual fascism.
  • [ – ] acoemusic reply Working on a novel right now, set around the year 2500. Society is super sciencey and woke as fuck. Silicon Valley is a mythical bogeyman in this universe. A joke, if you will.
    • [ – ] nodetact parent reply In a good light like how we're as a civilization far more alerted?
      • acoemusic parent reply More like, Society has little patience for illogical ideas and hypocrisy. Silicon Valley is basically the new Atlantis. A strange land that mysteriously destroyed itself through unknown means at the time.
  • [ – ] SONUSSOLEMN reply hey Jim, I don't know what I should say.
  • [ – ] firaro reply I wonder of this is the result of feminism obsessing over STEM. They focus on it as though it's the only field in which gender isnt 50/50 and pays well. And perhaps by throwing all their resources at it they've had some success. And, i think by accident, this has well positioned them to control the channels through which information flows and they're embracing that. They talk about it way more than about doctors (like 33% women) or almost any other high paying job (with the exception of CEO and politician).
    • OrionBlastar parent reply No STEM Degree just a liberal arts gender studies degree. Women used to dominate STEM in 1950s and 1960s until the Hippie and Women's Lib agenda called it not feminine. Forcing the industry to go with males and teach them via video games and home computers. So this: http://blastar.in/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/stemwomen.jpg
    • AtomicBee parent reply It's because women who want that kind of attention value jobs that can "make you famous and rich." There is a kind of rockstar myth about a lot of tech jobs since the dot com era.
  • Mutto reply We are at a point where we'll developed competing platforms are going to be common as they are getting easier and easier to make. Google will still have the iterconnectedness​ between it's services, like showing Google maps on their Google search engine, but thats a small price of convienence to free yourself from big brother Google.
  • DisgruntledAnon reply When you're so bluepilled that your organization that forces diversity hired upon itself manages to go completely bankrupt because you hired a woman as treasurer, but you continue to advocate for diversity hires
  • acce245 reply This is kinda ridiculous. Good video!
  • Natanahel reply Women shouldn't have rights.
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