Silent Times EP

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  • [ – ] Oziel_Esparza reply The first track is very ethereal and beautiful, if I had to complain I wish that the attack was a little more audible and the mix was a bit dryer. Also, pausing at the end of every riff feels, I don't know, a bit unsatisfying. The tension and direction seems like it keeps stopping in it's tracks. Perhaps this would turn out better if there was extra instrumentation, but you should definitely work on that. Also, make sure to watch out for clipping in the audio. Overall I love the tone and you have a very soothing and fitting voice, keep up the good work and practice. Godspeed
    • [ – ] StillLiam parent reply Thanks for the comment, I'm working with very "lofi" (AKA shit) equipment so the tone and wetness of the overall sound is me making the best of little. I'm working on expanding my abilities as a guitar player, a lot of the 'riffs' in this EP are unsatisfying 'cause I'm kind of shit at guitar atm lol. thanks for the feedback tho <3 p.s. I didn't sing on this, that was Ivory Rasmus you should check him out.
      • Oziel_Esparza parent reply I did notice you use a lot of similar riffs and chord shapes, which is fine but runs the risk of making your music feel samey. And yes, after posting the comment I noticed it wasn't actually you singing, jumped the gun a bit. I think it's a great idea to record and put stuff out even though you're still trying to get the basics down (no offense) because it really marks your progress as a musician. In two years you're gonna look back and probably cringe, but at the least you'll know how far you've come.
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