Giant Ragweed - overlooked survival plant

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  • [ – ] Crypter27 reply Have you heard of wild lettuce?
    • [ – ] WildcatCreekSurvival22 parent reply Wild lettuce - Opium Lettuce, yeah, a good plant to know that is useful for both food and a pain killing medicine. If I get time I will do a video on it. Thanks for watching!
      • Crypter27 parent reply You're welcome ,I have an aunt who suffers from chronic pain ,I discovered the plant when a post popped up on with a link to a survival article. About wild lettuce ,I knew that weed from doing landscaping ,and I told my aunt about it and showed her what it was on her phone. And a few minutes later we found a whole patch of it way in her backyard and now she's going to harvest it for her pain.
  • [ – ] Cantewesa reply great information here Mike, Thank-you! really enjoy and appreciate learning this. i'm just very familiar with recognizing this giant ragweed, but not all the uses it has
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