SouthSide Office Climb | Getting In through a Hatch and Leaving Through The Front Door

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  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply You & @Psyclone get night vision cameras & it's over. #Nextlevel #urbanclimbers
    • [ – ] Jaketm31 parent reply Actually this weekend I am going to be getting a hero4. Also selling our other homie my hero+ so he can start uploading too. Too bad I only can climb with them when I visit on vacation 😂😂
      • MUMS-Universe parent reply Those GoPro hero cams are pretty good to go. You can get some cool perspectives with those.
      • [ – ] MUMS-Universe parent reply Nice. Recently I, Woodrow, got a mount for my car so that I could start recording vlogs while driving. I get to travel a fair amount for work & thought it would be kind of cool to share some of the randomnesses that I get to see while driving random rental cars in random locations. Lol
  • [ – ] Psyclone reply twas a good one, we finna do mad climbs when you come down next
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