Penny the Evil Destructive Pet Bunny Rabbit (Funny Short Animation)

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  • [ – ] BlackbirdFrost reply Rabbits' teeth never stop growing. They chew on things to wear them down, otherwise it can get uncomfortable for them. Kind of like how cats need scratching posts to wear down their claws. Bunnies are like that with their teeth. Gotta get him something that's meant for him to chew on.
    • SirKornflakes parent reply We found a solution in cardboard and wood blocks BUT he still likes to nibble on things that's not his >.>
    • Mister_Shots parent reply IDK if this is true, but I read that they're teeth could grow into there brains! Maybe not with rabbits but with other animals in the rodent family.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply I'm glad I'm not the only one suspicious of rabbits. A friend couldn't decide whether to get one or not and I actually suggested "sure why not". Next thing I heard from him was "I need to get wireless everything"
  • Mister_Shots reply Nice animation. Wire chewing...that reminds me I have to set some mouse traps XD
  • [ – ] EricTheBoringOne reply My rabbit chewed the buttons off 3 remotes and all my gaming system cables lulz
  • [ – ] Naturenerd1000 reply So Dogs are still the best.
  • [ – ] bennitori reply a squared +b squared = c squared! 22 squared + 6 squared = x squared! 22 squared = 484 6 squared = 36 484+36= 520 the square root of 520 is approximately 22.803 Your rabbit jumped approximately 22.803 inches in length to get into the opening. Although he probably jumped higher because would've had to jump over the fence and then fall a little bit to land. But I don't do physics.
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