Rambling on About the Shitstorm that's taken place

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  • [ – ] j7409skynews reply Hey Jayling so sorry that you had to go thru all that shit. Been There and been in it. When i saw that you had let others use it i said ut oh, i knew what might come. 1.... It was a plane....I don't what what it was, but i still stand by what i wrote you about. Its makes more sense than a damn plane....The flash would have come from electrical discharge because it was so close to Saturan. I have pictures when Ison went by Mars that disortered it. Just like what Saturn looked like. Man did i catch shit about it.....Don't let these people with no life ever stop you from doing what you do, because you are excellent at it. All these Estien's that don't know shit and people believe them. Yes i am hot that this happened to you.. Lesson learned.... Watch what you let people use......I love you so much my friend.....:) J
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