ThinkTank sexual harassment quiz yields shocking results!

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  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply It's brave to come out with your story right after it happens. It's not brave to take the money, shut your mouth for years while others are attacked and then bitch about it.
    • Ripnow parent reply True, you then come across like a prostitute sensing an opportunity to extort more money.
  • aidanjt reply The church of feminism demands chastity and sexual purity. And men's money. All of it.
  • [ – ] phobes reply Clickbait done correctly, very good stuff Bearing!
  • wilsongreen reply Really though, who's ego is so large they ask for a Complement on how they look. They do realize that's not how complements work right?
  • [ – ] NicksRadio reply I want a T shirt that says "Part of the Problem!"
  • microfree reply Wink twice if you're in danger bearing... We'll handle from there by virtue signaling big red to your rescue.
  • microfree reply This is called the "think tank" but I just see a tank.
  • deadBeefCafe reply I got most of this checklist done, but it’s just too dangerous to finish now.
  • frankblackcrow reply Is it me or do those 2 girls look like their in their own bubble of sanitised hell, almost as if everything is cleaned so white with a heavy duty type of bleach that no germ could possible ever exist. That if they were to talk about their so called male friends would be those who friended them on face book and thumbed them up to the comments they made to other homogenised comments,, these are the type of girls that think that nothing is wrong with how shit is going down in other countries because their in the bubble of nothing effects them, because they think they are the good guys "killing the boogeyman's" because their president/s of past tense told them so, because CNN said it was a good thing to do. Trying to feminise the world falls under the same category as a form of sanitising,, but only for women,, men then need to be rounded up and caged like the dirty scum animals we are,, right. my opinion would be that these types of people "asking" that as if telling everyone else, is ...morethe problem, not even considering that they are the real problem because they haven't lived a full and productive life as yet,, what are they still wearing nappies,, they got a problem that they need to have others clean up.
  • GeorgeEnglish reply Two fools with nothing better to do.
  • Rusty_Shakleford reply >"I have no boobs but guys stare there anyways. Outrageous." >Now let me just lean forward directly towards the camera in my low cut shirt. Also, this quiz seems to have conflated general human courtship with a violent sociopath. How is "stealing a kiss" on par with dictating what someone can wear and who they can see? These people seem to want everyone to walk around all day terrified of the opposite sex.
  • vanners reply Love the reality check comments.
  • microfree reply Who else is getting all rapey?
  • Leadhead reply More like stink tank, another great vid... cheers!!
  • henriz reply Sugartits is a brown bear. I don't know about her fat percentage, but she's massive to say the least.
  • 3101010 reply Bwahahahaha
  • BanksyStyle reply Dude check out my how to make a white Russian video your in it
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