The Establishment Wants Us to Believe Russia is Behind All Anti-Establishment Arguments

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  • XhoXhuXhamen reply The 'Establishment' is insane!
  • Emil_Emilius reply Clinton is the reason that people do not like Clinton.
  • Cynical-Bastard reply Everytime Styx makes a video the irony is that he insists that we all remain calm and collected, but really, a bomb could be going off at any minute, worst case scenario, or best case scenario, there is some extremely shady, or defunct shit going right now, and a dysfunctional culture that is on the brink of civil war, all perpetrated by the left, which is extremely ironic in and of itself...the meter is off-the-charts. Everytime I watch Styx these days I feel like shit is about to hit the fan.
  • Wolfskinz reply expand (possible spam) Russian hacker is the new racist
  • SkogComplex reply The deep state thinks the Russians are like gods. They are jealous af of the almighty , all powerful , omnipotent Russians. I guess we should all worship the Russian gods, if the deep state is right about all this.
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply In the UK they are now blaming BREXIT on Russia. They are currently starting investigations now.
  • teevee1 reply "Everyone I don't like is a Russian hacker"
  • [ – ] Snotgrass reply Many on the left said so called Russian hacking was an "act of war", when in reality DNC info was leaked by an employee. They would rather go to WAR than own up to what actually happened and do what's right for American's. We need to vote the DNC into oblivion in 2020, it's a matter of national security!
  • PsychoticPhilosophyPodcast reply They never give up on trying to spin the truth. NEVER, obviously... I mean, everyone knows the truth about the Uranium One deal now, and Still. STILL! even today, it is still "Trump-Russia" collusion, wtf.
  • Whovian72 reply Best thing to do is cut cable and watch Styx.
  • RayOfHope reply We're all Russians now. Remain Russian (Klingon is ok too).
  • Emil_Emilius reply The poll projektion is election manipulation pure, many people vote for the politicians they think they win. Some people go not to an vote if they think their party has no chance and the establishment knows that. And the questions they ask are manipulative and leaves out options. When there are 3 candidates and they didn`t like one you will it in their question and the answer options.
        • scaramanga parent reply Kaladesh dude/dudette hows this for a banana republic, just think of Corbyn/MacDonald/Abbot momentum trying to pull this off for the labor leadership contest.
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