Are US Women Really That Unequal?

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  • I3UTM reply The first computer programmer was a woman. (Ada Lovelace) The some of the first people to work on the atomic bomb were women. (Women's Army Corps ) The first computer programming language was developed by a woman. (Grace Hopper – COBOL) One of the first people to discover nuclear fission for energy and medicine was a woman. (Lise Meitner) History is littered with women who were equal or better than their male counterparts in science and technology. And the rest is history. (
  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply Well done and researched. Did you know women were the computer programmers and computer operators in the 1950s and 1960s? Maybe you can find out why women stopped taking computer science degrees and went into liberal arts instead like gender studies?
    • [ – ] LibertyDoll parent reply I did not know that! But makes sense, now that you say it...I remember computer class in the 90s, and whenever they showed photos of old, huge computers there were always ladies in the frame. I'll see what I can find
      • OrionBlastar parent reply It could be a good video idea for you. I found this:
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