⟹ AJI CHARAPITA, PI 260498 - Pepper Is this worth $25,000 a kilo ? Capsicum frutescens #aji

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  • [ – ] nexxtmediaguide reply Rooster: Hello, is this Food Network Channel ?? FN: Maybe. Who are you? Rooster: Rooster!!!!!! FN: Who? Rooster: Never mind that this dudes on vid.me has a channel nameded HERLOOMREVIEWS and it's a lit bros! FN: Who is this again??? Rooster: You people are a bit clueless to the big talents out there. This guy is a lit!! FN: What is lit..., is something on fire? are you an arsonist?? Rooster: Okay bybye END CALL
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply Do you have your own honey bee's because organic honey is in high demand and I put it in my tea everyday, it is anti bacterial, so it is great for your body to fight off bad bacteria,
  • [ – ] Star_Wars6collector reply Do you go into the wild to get whole plants because they sure are getting harder to find, I want to go get some blue berry plants one day, I do collect seeds and keep them stored in a cool place,
  • kowloon reply Interesting video. Odd effect of the audio panning from left to right constantly. May pay to look into it. Thanks.
  • Charlie22 reply This video is AMAZING
  • ManyFish reply Cool Channel! Thanks!
  • [ – ] DyslexiCBeanie reply Fascinating Vidme bro. Thanks for checking me out and following. I have done the same and look forward to more of your videos. Your awesome <3
  • OpulentMiracle reply It's just typical internet bullshit, my man. I remember reading about how this one hibiscus was worth $500. People kept recirculating that story for months. Then I found it online for $5.
  • [ – ] Bingus reply I want one! ;)
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