Reducing Humanity to Cowardly Robots. Are YOU One?

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  • Grrr8uss reply I am my own authority! That's why I love you!!!
  • Sniperbear reply Well done. Thanks for some pretty well thought out videos. I follow you on YouTube and now here since you turned me on to vidme. As for laws, someone once told me (as we were both about to break a minor idiot law), "rules are for fools and guidance for wise men". So true....
  • Cotoism reply Law is important to a smoothly functioning society, however, there will always be stupid and irrational laws. My stance is, If my beliefs or actions conflict with the law, I will do what I feel is right, regardless of what the law says. However, this is only a good idea if you have matured enough to have a strong sense of what is right and wrong (moral character). Sadly, it can take some time to mature in this way. That's why law is important. Without it, those of immature moral character will do immoral things which could be a detriment to society. In the USA, Jury Nullification is the answer to unjust laws. The issue is, you can't talk about it. If it's found out that you believe in Jury Nullification while being interviewed for jury inclusion, you will be dismissed. The only way to talk about it is outside the courts. When deliberating, you can't outright talk about it. You have to be a little covert. Like mentioning how you refuse to convict a clearly guilty person because the law ...morehe is guilty of breaking is unjust, then hold your ground. You can even discuss why the law is unjust and try to get others to come to your side. You just can't say specifically that jurors can judge the law as well as the defendant. You can though.
  • [ – ] Turn_Coat reply You're definitely a confirmed nazi. You have nazi iconography in your video.
    • [ – ] HighImpactFlix parent reply Explain how I'm a Nazi...further...explain how I didn't know I was a Nazi. Thanks.
        • [ – ] Turn_Coat parent reply YOU'RE A WHITE MALE!
          • [ – ] drivinggodspeed parent reply Hahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaahahah is this for real?..hahahaha its funny either way. i was reading about paid trolls the other day and seriously, if youre not being paid to be this stupid chances are youll starve... js :-)
            • Turn_Coat parent reply Man, I'd love to get paid for banter. I'd be a millionaire, for some reason though, Mr. Goldberg will only pay pro-isreali shills.
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