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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Daddy of Five is a very controversial figure you know?!?! I think he does cross the line if the kids are not into his pranks --- but I doubt such a young kid can be such a good actor. Either way, I agree with you you know? Shouting at kids like that isn't right however you look at it, especially when they have barely done anything wrong. I like to prank people -- but there is a line to draw. It's not right to mess with people's heads just for views! I like the way you speak and your point of views you know? I'll come to find you on YouTube for more videos! Just followed you here as well. Good stuff, human!!! You have a sheepie fan!!
    • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply It could well be the kid has been told daddy is going to do weird stuff but don't worry it's all acting... but the kid is unaware of what exactly is going to happen, thus still having his original emotions... however... this creates an environment where that kid learns the emotions he shows aren't real... which may make him think that emotions are only used to manipulate people thus he can become a psychopath like his dad... I think these kind of videos are shocking and disgusting... nothing good comes from that... On the other hand that daddyohfive type really sets out a tone about not playing games with peoples lives by smashing that xbox... but i'm 100 % sure 95% of the people who see that video don't think that far about it because they think it's overanalysing! ><
      • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply I think if they are adults, that would be better. But as kids, it's very hard to differentiate when a dad is just acting or being serious. It also makes them confused when he is REALLY scolding them ... so they might not know when to take authority seriously. I also think that a ggimmick of his will only last a while before people get tired of it. Much better to build an audience slowly but surely based on proper content (like yours) rather than just trolling kids!!
        • Mr2ndopinion parent reply I think that he tried to show that if you not show respect bad things happen to you... or your xbox... he's been set an example himself... that backfired on him didn't it... oh well on to the next one.
  • ItsRobertto reply @Mr2ndopinion im guessing you mean daddyofive right? hahaha thank you man that means the world! <3333333
  • ItsRobertto reply @BobbyTheSheep thank you man! Means a lot :)
  • Mr2ndopinion reply Dude he's teaching valuable life lessons right... in his like small minded opinion of what valuable is.
  • Mr2ndopinion reply YES I FOUND A NONE MOVEMENT GUY! Great so... do I follow you or not now? xD lols i'm kidding bro! When you pop up again later this year and I'm even more impressed imma follow. I'm slightly amused atm :) So yeah your on your way buddy! Greetings
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