School Bully Gets Dropped Kicked

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  • DarianBeilby reply what happened to the camera at the end?
  • Houle99 reply I beat that bully up I bullied that bully made him cry he jumped that boy right after that video with his buddy Rodney this was on Monday but Friday night he jumped my lil brother he's 13 over a girl that didn't like him so those 2 boys jumped my lil brother this " bully " grabbed my little brother and choke hooded him while Rodney punch him in the face and kicked him but those little bitches messed with the wrong kid so I found that kid and punched him out I asked him does he liked being bullied and he just stuck a big bottom lip at me saying his name was mellow while his " homie " just ran like a little bitch I'm glad I fucked this kid up with out a scratch I avenged this kid and my little brother fuck this "bully " he can suck Rodney aka " mcskinz " little chode
  • ItWasJustified reply Damn, how i wish i was there. I would have made the little bully fuck cry after i broke his fucking neck
  • BLADF reply Great reaction! We cannot just stand and watch! WE SHOULD ALWAYS DO STH! OF COURSE IN ORDER TO HELP WEAKER!
  • GTaylor reply The Kid put up a damn good fight for someone being twice his weight. He did a good job with his balance and holding. No weight to tha kid though. Weight is everything.
  • Siikskill reply The end of the video. The cold fucked up my camera. That's why it went all glitchy. My friend was recording it off my phone.
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