Matrioshka Brains - Time Traveler Physics

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  • [ – ] ScepticalSans reply Wow, it is hard to think about how there could be heaps of these out there, eventually covering every last black hole and white dwarf trying to get as much as possible out of the dying universe in hopes of solving thermodynamics. great video!!
    • [ – ] wearegods parent reply *bows* Thank you. The measurements of these things are quite insane, but well worth it ;)
      • [ – ] ScepticalSans parent reply I can't even begin to consider what these would be like, running decades of billions of lives every second, it would be cool if they could be used to "hack" the rules like light speed and even better entropy.
        • wearegods parent reply They potentially could, but why not instead just simulate millions of universes at at highly increased speed so they experienced billions of years per second with the same laws of chemistry and physics we have and let the billions upon trillions of individual minds inside the simulation come up with the technology for us?
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