Why being A Theist doesn't make sense

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  • [ – ] LaNovedadAM reply WELCOME!! and.. where is shoe0nHead she needs to be here too Welcome, +1000
  • OrionBlastar reply He forgot to say there could be a deist God that can't be proven. I've heard that before as well. Nice Joker and Scarface posters behind him as well. Good role models?
  • [ – ] attakamaki reply thank you for introducing me to vid.me, dear Skeptic! 💓 i already forgot where you mentioned it, but anyway! i'd like to think that this website is the post-youtube future 😬
    • OrionBlastar parent reply vid.me is the Post-Youtube after the Ad-ocalypse that is taking away revenue of free thinkers with an open mind because we disagree with the left-wing ideology of Liberal Progressivism, and the Feminists and SJW that it spawned. Youtube is becoming too much of a "Lord of the Flies" if you know what I mean.
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