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  • [ – ] KotaTail reply All I can say....is wow! I never expected a story like this, and I absolutely loved it. It took alot of courage to talk about something that was really hard to discuss, and I can relate to that. I'm glad you're still alive making content for your viewers to this very day. And I really like how your characters are based off a chunk of your personality. My dad actually had PTSD, and attempted suicide twice, and both times scared the shit out of me. Well this was worth half an hour to watch and definitely my favorite so far! Keep up the good work, and I hope we can be great friends. :)
    • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you so much for making the challenge it provided me a reason to finally open up. If you ever need someone to talk to in what be going on with you or if I can help support your content and channel let me know we are now officially great friends :)
  • Sarge_Edge reply You always got me man, you know that.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Man I'm only 5 mins in and I'm getting teary eye... Wow thanks for opening up to us and I can't imagine anyone seeing you any different for opening up about this stuff. Wow.
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply It's sad that the hospital basically pushed you out of the door... You are a natural entertainer and I knew that from the first moment we met! I love all the characters that are part of RebelEdgeEntertainment and rhst is because of Jason Nova is a genius! "YouTube​ knows drama" haha great. The drama on YouTube is ridiculous sometimes. Like a soap opera a lot of the time. I love that the characters represent you and they got a bit of you in them (not in that way lol). I actually went through all a range of emotions with this. You are great and you can even make us laugh with tears from a sad story you are a special and unique person. Thanks for sharing your story bro you are actually​ amazing. Respect. For real infinite amount of appreciation for this video. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being amazing. Keep doing you and keep bringing quality to the site.
      • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank so much bro it means a lot. Not in that way well maybe John Richards might think that lol. I couldn't of had the courage or confidence if it wasn't for the support of the community and amazing friends like you.
    • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thanks fo watching buddy I definitely wanted to open up and in hopes people know me a little better as well as for anyone going through depression, anxiety, ptsd that they dont feel alone and have someone they can relate to and talk to.
      • Rawman parent reply This is a really heart warming video your life story will show other people that it's perfectly ok to open up. Well done for sharing and I do see you as an inspirational entertainer and person for doing so.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply No judgement here dude. I've been through the same thing.. If you ever need to talk, please reach out. *hugs*
  • [ – ] FaTaLViru5 reply I feel you , I've been diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety , insomnia, agoraphobia, and sleep apnea. Making videos is what I enjoy and helps me feel relaxed. Heck I even signed up to vidme today and have 5 vids up already lol
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thankyou so much for watching. My Dad has sleep apnea and just hearing him talk about it I know it's pretty scary. I appreciate you sharing and it's awesome to hear making videos has helped you and you enjoy doing it. I will definitely check out your content. As someone who believes in the community aspect of Vidme and helping creators of all sizes I will help provide as much support as possible. Look forward to watching your channel grow here on Vidme.
  • [ – ] Killerpez1093 reply Never seen a story like this. Consider yourself a friend of mine.
  • [ – ] SpeedyGaming reply Such an inspiring story bro! Thanks for Sharing. I have anxiety, depression but maybe not something serious as ptsd. But I agree, if we impede or stop creators from creating we let that motivational light flicker out.
    • [ – ] rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you bro, I wanted to make this so people feel they have someone they can relate too if going through any of these disorders which is difficult to deal with alone. I also enjoy talking with fellow creators and providing support when I can. I'm definitely going to take the time to check out your content to show my support. I agree we can't let the motivational light burn out. It's this incredible community and creators like yourself that will continue to make it burn strong.
      • SpeedyGaming parent reply You have been very helpful in checking out my content and being supportive on my videos. Couldn't have asked for more. That's why I can relate to you on some level regarding my disabilities and it will help many creators like myself get out of this rut. Thanks man! :)
  • danielamann reply This is one of those things I say all people need to hear at some point in their lives...These kind of stories of comeback and opening up to your audience like this about things that are hard to talk about, and to find out what this really means in the bigger picture of the human behind all the entertainment.... Consider me there for you one hundred percent if you ever need something. We all are. Seriously, thank you for this
  • [ – ] DiLoFlowTV reply You are a strong man for telling your story i am happy to see you and to hear from you I care for people and always will care for others you have my friendship my friend take care and love peace and happiness
  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply Sorry for your pain.
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you but if I didn't go through it I wouldn't be the person I am today. I never would of found myself on Vidme with an incredible supportive community and awesome people like yourself.
  • [ – ] GalaxyGaming reply Thank you for sharing, I know its not easy to open up about something so personal but by doing that you accept the past and hopefully it will help you to move forward. Im always here if ya need me and im the best internet huger there is :)
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply It's people like yourself that made it easy to share this. In the past I couldn't of done it but felt it would help those who might feel alone or isolated dealing with these sorts of issues or disorders. It definitely has helped me move forward like you said and look towards the future rather than live in the past. Thank you internet hugs for you. Keep up the amazing job on your channel as well.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Mad respect to you dude for sharing this. I may not know you personality but nothing sucks more that seeing others lose hope. But i happy that you had the strength to change and have a second chance. This story will touch many people including me. I am sure we are all happy to have someone like you here.
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to watch. I am so happy to have found Vidme and meet awesome people and creators like yourself.
  • [ – ] MrTheMisfit reply Dude, Thank You
  • ComicToyReviews reply Thanks for being so real. It has inspired me to perhaps one day make another channel where it's just me talking and being so real.
  • [ – ] GAConyers reply Suffering from anxiety and PTSD is no fun. I've been dealing with it for years starting from an incident in childhood. Hearing your story points out a lot of things I've been doing wrong with my own life, namely putting restrictions on myself and being someone if I'm not. Thank you for opening my eyes as well as making me smile.
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you for watching and I'm very happy this video could help you and make you smile. At the end of the day I wanted to do this to help people realize they are not alone and can always feel free to talk to me if they feel alone. It's people like yourself that make me so proud and happy to be part of Vidme and only reminds me why joining Vidme is the best decision of my life.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply I applaud your bravery. Congratulations for moving past such a difficult time in your life. I'm really happy you're here now and making fun videos. Thank you for sharing.
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you so much and thank you for watching I really appreciate it. I am happy to be on Vidme too because without it I wouldn't have been able to watch and talk too awesome creators like yourself.
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