School lunch in other countries make US look like a joke

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  • RobOReilly reply The food pyramid we were taught was created by wheat lobbyists.
  • TheKingofTV reply Another report from NO DUH magazine.
  • adampapagan reply But that's the only thing American schools are behind on, right?
  • SambaSchutte reply This video made US school lunches look like what kids in other countries pass through when they're done eating their healthy lunches...
  • pastapizza reply serious question - was it like this when you guys were younger?
  • SackOs reply Those foreign kid's bowel movements must be very thick and fibrous.
  • smileybridge reply I hope everyone understands my enrollment in a Finnish elementary school now.
  • mcstacky reply What do they usually serve @kaapo?
  • evangreenberg reply But I love hot dogs
  • KittyCatia reply The finnish meal in untruthful. What even is that? This is not something you would see in a average public middle school. Meals served are normally really simple - meat (like pork stew, meatballs, fishpatties), carbs (usually potatoes) and a simple salad, like carrots and lettuce. Meals are mass produced (how else they are going to serve thousands and thousands children at mimimun cost - the hot meal is free for every child) but usually they are pretty healthy. I get what this video is trying to do, but you're setting an unattainable goal. Sure, for example Finland has free, healthy meals. But Finland is also very small country (so the quality control is easier) and everything is paid by taxes. Also, in PRIVATE SCHOOLS they do this "making everything from scratch and growing plants in backgarden" stuff. Not everyone can pay for that. Lastly, like I said, the meals shown here are far from the truth.
  • Orloa_Numera reply In Germany we don't serve lunch. Sure, you can buy a breadroll with a small Schnitzel and a salad, or salads, but that's it. You're expected to bring your own lunch. In my area of the country anyway.
  • stevek reply Speaking of whoppers... kids in South Korea are fat as shit.
  • ErinAlexis reply Not gonna lie, I loved me some cafeteria food!
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