Primordial Black Holes

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  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply Ahh ok, I gotchya. I was mostly just listening to this video in the background lol: So basically I just kinda forgot what they said. That's weird that they're so small that they're measured at the Planck length. I'm surprised that such little mass could even cause a black hole. I guess it's just that dense! Though you said it's more like a wave and a particle at the same time so talking about its mass doesn't really make sense in this context does it? I don't really know that's why I'm asking. Anyway, that video is not so much a documentary as it's from a real professor! I agree, those popular science documentaries leave out a lot.. Although this video probably leaves out a lot as well. But at least it's focused on one subject and from someone that knows what he's talking about haha. Would you mind making a video about your path to earning a PhD in physics?
    • wearegods parent reply I can touch that, sure thing. And in regards to something that small, they can have mass based on how they interact with the Higgs Field.
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