My Fav Stores? Vlog # 6

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  • [ – ] Residentbeyond reply I wish we had a Frys
  • [ – ] drunkintheam reply My local Frys here in San Diego had that massage chair, my wife hated that thing. I can spend a good amount of time looking at stuff there.
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply I wear a lot of DC/Vans shoes and the Nike classics. I wore K-Swiss all throughout highschool. Now here's a question, with those pop figures, does everyone leave them in the box or do you take them out? XD
    • LegendGary323 parent reply I use to wear a lot of vans Authentic classics and skate shoes like emericas, then i went to wearing a bunch of nike sb's such as the janoskis and dunks. I personally take them out the boxes but i keep the boxes, believe or not some pop vinyls gain some value later one and some of them comeout with value on them since they're exclusive or something. But yea i take them out lol
  • [ – ] RubenLeija reply Does your family ever think you're weird for talking to an object that never talks back? Dude I hate carrying that big camera all over the place.
    • [ – ] LegendGary323 parent reply My Gf and daughter don't mind it. Now i haven't done it around other family so they might think i am weird lol. And for me it was worse carrying around with my sigma 18-35mm lens since that damn lens is nearly 2lbs alone the 10-18mm is so much lighter so i dont mind it so much. Does your family think you are weird for vlogging?
  • [ – ] Branbert reply lol rambo gary came out of hiding.. that "heh" made me laugh out loud at work and i got funny looks lol.
  • Ms_K reply seems to be MORE freedom over here and a safer environment
  • [ – ] ProfitProphet reply Deeeem, that secret shoe shelf!
    • ProfitProphet parent reply P.S: I want that beer cabinet doe, I'd fill it up with that Cali Creamin' nah mean? Also, Girls are free to beer, they never like it. Crystal isn't alone, Ana think beer is disgusting too, lol.
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