Drawing A Beautiful Woman / Nude Portrait

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  • Marylee211 reply Beautiful drawing! The human body is one of the greatest of all creations in beauty. Once we realize how magnificent we are we will begin to take better care of our beautiful temples, each being unique. Your work illustrates our beauty as a people. Again, thank you for sharing! Anyone seriously interested in drawing may want to look into learning perspective and basic shapes first, i.e., circle, triangle, cone, square, cube, etc. then use a grid. Find a clear ruler with a grid printed on it, quilting supplies carry them as well as art stores, then lightly draw the grid onto your paper and sketch what you see in each section of the grid, seeing how each connects to the next section. Study the anatomy of the body of people and animals to understand how they are put together so you can draw the subject better. Hope that helps anyone interested in art. Again, beautiful art you create! Love your videos.
  • RulaDraws reply This is like finearts stuff omg. proooooo. teach me
  • GamingWithKingG reply This was nice! I'm trying to get into art myself. Very inspiring!
  • [ – ] Draximus reply very talented. good luck selling
  • [ – ] BelgianDan reply so much talent, amazing work
  • Nalloc reply boooooooooobs
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