A Brief Introduction to Mobbing

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  • The_Mobbing_Stop reply Please, if you have experiences having been mobbed, having supported a person being mobbed, or if your employer has asked, bribed or pressured you into participating in mobbing activity, please consider sharing your experience: schmittmedia@use.startmail.com Remember, I am not an attorney I cannot provide legal advice, nor will I, give legal advice. I will urge you to explore legal counsel if you believe that your situation warrants such action. I am interested in the social and political aspects of this issue along with some of the general features that mobbing targets need to know about. It is important for there to be a collating of experiences that many people are having and for there to be discussion concerning this topic. We must continue the process of examining patterns of abuse and possibly identifying who some prominent abusers are. Moreover, I hope for this site to provide some comfort and some reassurance that you are not alone. There are many millions of peop...morele around the globe suffering from workplace and organizational mobbing abuse. there are many types of corrupt systems and matters of corruption. mobbing is a just one common tool used by corrupted managers, leaders and politicians for securing secrecy and conformity to systems gone sick, or that have turned green (with money). This is beyond Left and Right. It is not about public versus private interests. The people that have mastered the Machiavellian game can use either alternatively, or both ends of the political spectrum simultaneously. Think differently. Think beyond your familiar categories. We are going to try to bring this problem to light. I believe--and intend to demonstrate--that this problem of mobbing is co-existent with a general and broad problem of the tyrannization, or Sovietization if you will, of our institutions. The slow, progressive seizure of bureaucracies and the purgation of diligent, principled, dedicated and honorably independent civil servants, especially in those soft targets like government and academia, is how totalitarianism metastasizes throughout the tissues of society. But private companies, corporations and civic organizations are part of this game as well. To invert the title of a novel by Sinclair Lewis: it CAN happen here. And institutional corruption's willing accomplices need not even be witting accomplices--lower level actors usually are not, they are simply not all that courageous. But you can be courageous. You can be an important part of the solution and the exposing of bad organization--even evil--practices. Once exposed, Societies can begin to provide systemic corrections. This is a type of 'draining the swamp' from below, as well as from above, and also right at surface level. Your story may well be part of a much larger social--even civilizational--phenomenon: a phenomenon and a problem that needs to be identified and counteracted. Drop me a line. I will see how many I can respond to. I will let you all know if the volume becomes overwhelming. Let's help make history in the only way history is ever really made in lasting fashion: one person at a time.
  • portolamike reply Excellent introduction. Waiting to learn more.
  • The_Mobbing_Stop reply Anyone want to comment on the Cover Photo vis-à-vis Mobbing?
  • MbZahren reply An excellent introduction to the subject! I believe you are providing a vital service to those who have been "mobbed".
  • The_Mobbing_Stop reply I made a brief error, but if you are already at the Vid.me channel it hardly matters. However, for the record, we are at vid.me/The_Mobbing_Stop. Two books that I mentioned in this video are: 'Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace', 1999, by Noa Davenport, Ruth Distler Schwartz and Gail Pursell Elliot. I found this abovementioned book to be nicely and systematically organized. and, 'Mobbed: What To Do When They Really Are Out to Get You', rev. 2016, by Janice Harper. Dr. Harper is an anthropologist who did an excellent job--in ethogram form--of capturing the behaviors of mobbers & their targets. But more than this, she ably conveyed the emotional experience from the perspective of the unfortunate target.
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