There Is No Gender Spectrum, only Malleable Expressive Choices (Gender is Chromosomes)

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  • [ – ] ImpolitePolitics reply The "party of science" believes there are more than two genders, but get outraged over global warming skeptics.
  • [ – ] yuiopads reply I sexually identify as an AgustaWestland AW129 attack helicpoter
  • [ – ] AJAberdein reply I think you made a bit of a mistake there, Bill Nye didn't say "gender exists along a spectrum", but instead said: "There is a spectrum of people who are more inclined to have sex with someone of the same gender than others", lol. It's ok, people make mistakes, haha! Which I felt made your whole argument come across as malinformed or fabricated. In future just remember, a little bit of research can go a LONG way;)
  • okiren reply This video will cause meltdowns
  • [ – ] ByronH reply Bill Nye is a man of science, you are a man who makes things up without doing research. Read up on the thing you are talking about before you spew that nonsense. It's not that hard. You are lying about things just so you have an excuse to be homophobic and to get views and I KNOW you're better than that dude. I hate how 90% of videos have devolved to this nonsense. I wish there were just more creators who valued ethical journalism and research, like Philip DeFranco, not pushing an agenda and claiming to be knowledgeable about a subject and then make things up:(
    • HeliolithicRays parent reply Translation: "I believe everything my gender studies professor tells me. If you ask me to produce evidence to back up my bullshit claims, I'll just call you a transphobic science-denier and tell you to educate yourself, because I know that any studies I could produce to back myself up are biased, unscientific, propaganda drummed up by social scientists who have no background in biology. I'll never acknowledge that Bill Nye only has a BS in mechanical engineering and is about as qualified to talk on the subject as anyone in his audience, because that would rin counter to the dogmatic narrative I've drilled in my head since I before I even started college.
    • CorpseDragon parent reply "Bill Nye is a man of science". Stop right there. Hes a Mechanical Engineer that hosted a kids show long ago and developed such a reputation that everyone takes anything he says as the word of God. What you are doing is Appealing to Authority. Just because Bill Nye says hes a scientist doesn't automatically make him right about everything.
    • _cidle parent reply what about that whole "i don't care what you do" and the "they shouldn't be discriminated against"? doesn't sound homophobic to me.
    • whos_statan parent reply not an argument, fagboi.
    • SkogComplex parent reply When the hell did Bill Nye become a 'man of science' ? He's a half baked college grad who wore clown suits and showed adolescents how to do kitchen cabinet chemistry tricks. Now, he's a political prostitute and even bigger clown who makes science look utterly ridiculous and without rigor or method.
  • BruceShepard1970 reply Gender identity is based on an appeal to emotions. Has zilch to do with a chromosome disorder.
  • [ – ] Kiruna reply why is it some men have a face that is just asking to be punch.
  • Mordicai reply Money influences a lot of people, even Bill Nye
  • Vyresse reply The choices of transsexuals do have an impact on me though: their sight makes me want to retch. But it is obvious to anybody who isn't completely divorced from his own nature that there are only two sexes/genders. Although "gender roles" aren't really that independent from gender itself, there's a reason why some things are considered masculine rather than feminine or vice versa, that's not entirely cultural...
  • [ – ] Torok0420 reply I Don't Want Some Crazy Dude In A Pink Tutu > Being Charge Of Policy , Or Baby sitting ... That Stuff Does Matter .... Weirdos .... I Don't Want A Cop With A Gun Dressing Up In A Pink Tu Tu , Going To Fake Tea Parties >>> lol ... That Stuff Matters
    • [ – ] Chemistry_Fetish parent reply There is bound to be some people with this issue but the real point to make is the real issue here is fact that they must have a severe mental problems to kill themselfs over being called a particular word so it not really the words fault as much as they saddly needed help and never received it.
      • Torok0420 parent reply I Think The More They Try To Normalize it , as if it is not a genetic defect , or a Flaw in The Coding , The Further People Get From The Truth , I Agree About The Stigmas { No Helpful } , However , I Stand By My Statement , That I Wouldn't Want Anyone With A Gender Insecurity , In A Position , That Requires , Clear And Decisive Understanding of What The Overall Public Expects { As Far As Behavior Goes } , And In This Case , Not Most Cases , These People Have A Sexual Behavior , That Is Confused And May Be Dangerous in Certain Rolls ...... The Overall Mind Set >>> It's Not Normal Behavior >> And It Opens The Door To Even More Questionable People With Strange Behavior , Like Child Molesters >>> A lot of Bad Things are being accepted as normal these days
  • Sectual reply My sweet prince.
  • tonygreene113 reply XX or XY, there really is no middle ground.
  • BackSoon reply but what about pronouns? you didn't discuss pronouns and that's really important.
  • PocketShadow reply Agree with some of the points made, but gender is not a synonym of sex. The only reason it comes up as one on the online dictionary is because the majority of people use it like it is (b/c language is like that). However when talking on the topic of gender or gender studies everyone should know how to differentiate between the two(or at least know how other people differentiate between the two). Sex is the biological term. There are only two sexes unless there is a chromosomal mutation. Gender is a social construct, the "gender roles" our society made up in order to define ourselves. In addition to Male and Female, there is also Non-binary/Agender(neither) and Genderfluid/Bigender (both). This is why people refer to gender as a spectrum. I do think people go a little overboard on this topic, but these are the correct definitions. Srry for the essay :P
  • whos_statan reply this just in: the "peace sign" now means two genders!
  • MaitreMarkScully reply Gender is determined at conception.
  • YourTVUnplugged reply Yea of course this fking satanist is trending(says alot about who vidyou let's trend), what he's saying here though seems correct, but I couldn't bear to listen to this @sshole any longer! Fck you sytx66er' satanist prick! People don't trust this guy, he isn't serious about what he's saying he believes the opposite its just a satanist trick like they always do. Deceit, deception, lies, and EVIL is all a satanist knows!
  • mitori reply the biggest conflict i see between the arguments "there' s only two genders" and "there's a spectrum" is that people can't really agree and define what they mean by gender. saying "there's only two genders" is entirely correct if you want to look only at the bilogical side of things. if you want to define gender as a psycological stereotype and classification, then there might be truth to the spectrum thing.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply the 3rd gender is the "extremely ugly gender" and i am the only person in that category
  • Shinsha reply Bill Nye... I am beginning to believe he is showing signs of mental instability.
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