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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply That hat πŸ’“ you ❀ your choices πŸ’š haha you super whaa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • [ – ] Rage_By_Nightfall reply Good call on putting in the "Weird Wide Web" category. lmao. This was like WAT.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply oh dayyum i know who to go to for bdsm dungeon advice. i got experimental with boundaries
  • [ – ] Nicky_mo reply Nothing says sex dungeon, like geometric shapes thy
  • [ – ] palvarezcruz reply The NSFW was a lie! I demand satisfaction.
  • [ – ] nodetact reply And what's even more impressive is that you told us as soon as you started your channel that you were hoping we wouldn't seek you out as a plausible love interest, let alone go further into the unorthodox. So I actually feel really sorry that you deliberately have the confidence and invigoration necessary to joke about something this ridiculous, which still in a way demeans you in ways more than one I believe. And editing out the sexual content (while still linking the survey in the video description) is really the best anyone can do to balance between protection and acknowledgement, so I don't judge you there nor Vidme's adult content rule. Jeez, you guys are really killing it at these "bad" content reviews, if I spared even just a single weekly upload on something this rib busting of laughter, I'd easily get addicted myself (despite having high standards for quality) and my actual good content wouldn't stand a chance, for months on end! Wow.
    • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply When I started my channel I just said I was done with randoms on YouNow flirting with me. Also I do have a boyfriend atm so... Obviously I'm on here to make astrology and music related content along with some shits and gigs. If somehow someone on here had a crush on me, it isn't my business if I don't like them back. Also, I was always quite unorthodox and not this "vidme angel." Also what's wrong with making fun of Buzzfeed? It's BuzzFeed and I was bound to do it like everyone else has. Also I didn't show sexual content due to the fact it goes against the rules, BuzzFeed isn't art from my perspective, it is when we really think about it, but it isn't good. Also this isn't a lovely review of mine, MOST of my reviews are on things I find actually good or things I think will be good. And yes, a few of my shitposts are popular, but the thing is that they're for fun. Most of the people who have commented on my shitposts have watched at least 1 serious video of mine so they don't necessaril...morey outshine my serious content (which isn't good in the first place). I make more videos now because I can and want to grow my channel. Either way, I enjoyed making this video, and at the end of the day we can have a laugh at BuzzFeed.
      • [ – ] nodetact parent reply I now just realized how awful my comment is capable of sounding in the pessimistic kind of context, I mean at least i hope i didn't get under your skin with even my daring opinions, so sorry just incase. And i know you aren't trying to be mean about anything i mentioned either (huh i don't seem to want to word that any less critically... I'm a goner if you're still broken down when reading this and can't put up with my garbage :o) and i am truly capable of being entertained by even mildly inappropriate devices having been recorded by a goofy Idol of a content creator. You are definitely not the first person I've burdened upon about provocative details, and when it comes to Vidizens and/or content creators in particular I still remember when Rawman was getting harassed and i accidentally judged him by scorning out how he might be a hypocrite for pushing drama crew propagandas which he and kentantino quickly addressed to me otherwise i was wrong. I hope this doesn't come across as host...moreile or asinine or even unfair, you already exclaimed back ago that I'm not one such person to doubt myself and i can only hope you were right about that point. So if i haven't made this too awkward or morbid for you, i upvoted the video because i loved what you did. I may not have perceived what you were intending in the right mindset but even if i did over think it, if i want to see content that justifies itself, i should either just chill and content create myself or ask for content from others. But just remember that our differences don't have to be agreeable. Meanwhile I'll try coming to my senses before i loose followers lmao
        • thy_koosk parent reply It's alright, and honestly idk if I can word what I said in a more polite manner since your comment makes me actually want to make a video. I'm not broken down, but I am rather annoyed if anything by your recent comments and sometimes I can't piece what you're trying to say (my stupidity doesn't make me think less of you, I'm js my responses may be late because of that). But like I said, my content is available to most people and I am not blockhappy and will respond to most people in the comment section. And I guess that is understandable and I hope that things are cleared up and that there's no ill feelings after this, I'm sorry for biting back. Anyways, we all have those days and I'm not saying that I have to agree with you 100% (differences are never agreeable). Have a good evening.
  • thy_koosk reply Hey sorry dudes! Here's a working link to the quiz!!
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