Zodiac Speed Paint - Libra - LAY/ZHANG YIXING

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  • [ – ] FringeWizard reply tfw you mention youtube in a vid.me vid
    • [ – ] MiniSeaStar parent reply Yee. I iz dank, tis y youtube is unsubscribing peeps from my channel 0u0
      • FringeWizard parent reply Check out this user style if you like dark themes (you can use it in Stylish, a Firefox extension): https://userstyles.org/styles/137272/decompyled-dark-vidme Youtube censors me so I'm going to keep my youtube channel but I'm not going to use it as my primary, I plan on migrating to here, and uploading everything on vid.me first before doing it on youtube.
  • [ – ] MattNomme reply Really enjoyed this! ^_^
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