Vaper Expo 2017 (Saturday - Part 1)

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  • [ – ] Buckaroo reply When is part 2 coming???
  • [ – ] opaxel1967 reply where is part 2 ????
    • JoeMischief parent reply Part 2 has arrived!
    • [ – ] JoeMischief parent reply Sorry I was wrong it will be Thursday my upload limit resets!!!
      • [ – ] opaxel1967 parent reply Been there , done that .. the bad thing about al this is that if you stop an upload for any reason it will still count the megabytes you would have used had you carried on ..'s computers dont know how to deduct , only add .. be aware !!
        • JoeMischief parent reply Will keep plugging away!
        • JoeMischief parent reply I appreciate they can't do that for every week people don't download as people would avoid downloading for a month and then would have massive rollovers. Maybe just every time someone has under a gb to spare they can roll to the next week? That make sense?
        • [ – ] JoeMischief parent reply It would also be helpful if for every week you uploaded they carried across your remainder. I keep missing out on posting by 0.1 or 0.2 of a gb. The 0.6 I can't use would be useful as a rollover!
          • [ – ] opaxel1967 parent reply never thought about that ... used to have to upload videos in bad quality just to get on .. keep asking them to verify you even if they say not to .. never give up .. lol ...
        • JoeMischief parent reply Cheers thanks for the advice!!!
    • JoeMischief parent reply It will be on my YouTube channel later today but have to wait for my Vidme upload limit to reset on Wednesday I think before can upload here... Not enough followers to get verified to change that yet!
    • JoeMischief parent reply Part 2 is ready to be uploaded now...
  • SecInc reply DMCA DMCA. lol.. Well done.. thanks :)
  • JoeMischief reply For Part 2 see the other videos on my channel...
  • JoeMischief reply There will also be a lot more videos from Vaper Expo coming. Interviews, reviews etc. The pace they come will likely only be limited by upload allowances.
  • JoeMischief reply Hopefully in the next couple of days...
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