Venezuela Continues to Collapse Due to Socialism and Central Planning

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  • [ – ] JulioEspinosa78 reply It's true that socialism doesn't work, I will not defend it but, I'm from Colombia. My country always has been governed by right-wing politicians, the situation of the poor in my country is not very different from the people in Venezuela., Colombia is one of the most unequal countries in the world, the corruption in the government is aberrant, and we have paramilitary groups that are quite violent . This is not about left of right, socialism or capitalism, this is about feudalism. socialism and capitalism are both forms of feudalism.
    • [ – ] MeMadMax parent reply lol, columbia is not right wing. It's left: Juan Manuel Santos, current president of columbia. Belongs to social party: Do you even live in columbia? $20 says you don't and just talking shit...
      • JulioEspinosa78 parent reply Besides, it's COLOMBIA, not Columbia. If you are going to teach me about my country, at least write the name well.
      • JulioEspinosa78 parent reply I'm sorry but you are so, so, so, so, so, SOOOOO, wrong!! He is a right-wing politician. He was part of Uribe's government, "Social" is just a word, that political party is pro capitalist, that political party was founded by Uribe. The Santos family is one of the most powerful in this country, They own "El Tiempo", the main newspaper of this country. Please, please, Do not talk about what you do not know, you're making a fool of yourself. The only left political parties in my country are: The POLO and the U.P.
    • [ – ] SkogComplex parent reply That's a good, valid point. Some places , like post WWII Scandinavia, had real free market capitalism, then built socialism on the back of the money they made with capitalism. It didn't matter, in that they made both work, though capitalism was far more lucrative. What killed their socialism was opening it up to refugees from the muslim world, and turning the state into a leftist propaganda machine - again a sort of feudalism, as you put it.
      • [ – ] MeMadMax parent reply Dude, you fell for his lies. Do research before taking someone's word for it... I did, see my comment above...
        • SkogComplex parent reply What Colombia is or isn't makes no difference to my reply. It was regarding feudalism, where political class doles out benefits, made by the commoners, and redistributed by the political class, based on loyalty ; it can be imposed on capitalism and it's the core of socialism. I didn't know what kind of govt Colombia has but the only real 'right wing' govt I know of is Ukraine, to a lesser extent Hungary, but Ukraine is compromised by it's zionist infiltration and use as a proxy power against Putin. The last right wing govt in S America tmk was Pinochet's Chile.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply the CIA have had quite a bit to do with the collapse
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