Actor Randy Quaid and Evi Quaid on the Art of SEX in a successful Hollywood Marriage Part 2 -Pillow Talk

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  • nolanriverbay reply Damn poor Randy again tries to explain dress...gets screamed at and Eva says she got Burt worse than Randy? Guess my post will get deleted but I truly hope to see Randy again on big screen or show..
  • nolanriverbay reply I have always loved Randy as an actor. Wish be could get another shot, but in watching this, I wonder if Eva harms him. Eva many of us loved Randy....why do you do a video like this in such scant clothing? I think Randy was correct to tell you be did not feel comfortable talking about M. Jackson dressed as u are...stop yelling at Randy! He is the star many of us dearly miss...maybe he is being harmed by someone much closer to him than be realizes.
  • leonpatton100 reply For all you ppl criticism them...They tried to get the word out years ago and were totally ignored. The antics they use now are necessary to gain attention to their issue.
  • BasilRodericks reply Wait. I am fascinated by how sane and lucid they are while sitting somewhere on the run conspiracy theorizing after a bj, lurid sex which clearly disturbed the dog, camera issues and vibrators. Nothing against it but there is a weird juxtapostion here, no? This is the most fascinating thing outside if Turkey v. Russia.
  • kimmijo8 reply Sorry, but having online porn while discussing these important issues discredits both of you.
  • 00Viper00 reply Evi your a sexy woman, with guts, smarts and talent, Randy is a lucky man to have you as his wife, standing strong by his side, and there's nothing hotter, than pure trust, honesty and loyalty.....
  • JoJoDan reply It begins with Heath Ledger's death also had a massager involved as well as possibly tainted prescription drugs. And other celebrities may have died due to tainted prescription drugs from Mexico. The Quaids were conducting their own private investigation into Michael Jackson's death by trying to find Dr. Murray's lawyer in Houston. Someone at the law office must have called the HPD and the Quaids get arrested. Then they get back to their case of their property in California, embesseling of Randy's pension fund, etc. Not certain why they chose to process this in the moment with Evi half naked then back to her revealing bikini. I guess they figured people would not view this without having some "eye candy"?
  • ifcdirector reply The dog. The dog.
  • kajunteddy reply Oh GOD,....I just wasted, what 30 minutes of my life for a faux sad for both of them.
  • Keitherz reply I missed this part in Christmas vacation...
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