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  • nodetact reply How poignant! The cartoon and anime reviewer @EyeofSol also has had her dog undergo some frightening genitalia procedures, and it seems to me that she is brushing that off herself by acting like she doesn't care about him due to the massive weight of things she already has to deal with (insufficient funding for bills, sex demands that traumatized her, etc.) but at least the poor woman knows how to shed those tears where they are due! I don't know how I'd react to someone as fierce natured as yourself crying... It'd definitely be something refreshing, not gonna lie, but we really do care for you. Your dog may not be politics or even anything remotely professional, but there is nothing like fighting for a companion no less loyal than him, I'm sure of it! Be sure to let your arsenal expert hubby know how much he means to you as well to maximize all this! P.S. Check out @Charlton because he has some big news lately!
  • Vallhalla61 reply So sorry to hear this. I have been there more times than I care to say-my heart goes out to you and Im pulling for your dog to be ok. Maybe a stupid thing to say,but can you get your dogs meds through PETMEDS instead of your vet? Vets gouge prices terribly. Im sure you know all this stuff,but Im putting out there anyway..hell,I didnt know about petmeds at one time myself.
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