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  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply Really, treating Merkel's fascist little Nazi retread government that literally employs former East German Stasi to spy on dissidents and judges who let people off for firebombing Synagogues as if its demands on Facebook are somehow legitimate? The only thing I can think of with that government right now is they never learn, even after a century of war and genocide, right back where they started. Insane.
    • [ – ] Freeboot parent reply Whew.. that's a bit more extreme view on the government than mine, thought I also believe that it's time for a change. Putting in former stasi members in a right-wing government that is against Jews wouldn't make any sense by the way. The east German government was left wing and very liberal regarding different religions/countries of origin/ethnicity. So you might want to rethink that argument. Also, the claims for posts to be removed are mostly against right-wing extremists trying to plan or to publicly call for the next firebomb attack. I find claims to remove those very valid. At last you always have to remember of how many facets the German government is made up. Each federal state has its own parliament that makes decisions which can not be controlled by the national government (the one on which Merkel is Chancellor). Then there is multiple parties currently in the parliaments that all have their duties and their say in decisions. It's a democracy meaning the people vote the par...morety they think is best and by the percentage of how many people voted for a certain party it is decided how many seats in the parliament the party gets. So you might want to rethink of alleging Merkel of doing everything wrong herself. Even if she did she has minimal control over it since all she can do at most (in 95% of situations) is to propose an action to the parliament and ask for a positive vote. The last few years haven't been easy in Europe, yet we were able to experience stability and a high life standard. Merkel has been Chancellor for long enough now though. It's time for something new.
      • madel_schmadel parent reply Communists and Nazis began as allies and share more in common than not; however, the use of "Nazis" here is simply to create a picture of how dangerously regressive Merkel's government is and the regressive slide of Germany back into its bad ways of old. The ism might be updated but the core values remain the same. Actually, the posts that have been removed have also included mild criticism of Merkel's reckless pro-rape open borders policy and the cover ups of crimes against humanity committed by Islamofascists invited into the country by that government. And the simple fact that Merkel's hiring of former Stasi to raid the homes of dissenters or that a German judge says that firebombing a Synagogue is "acceptable political speech" doesn't cause Germans to go out into the streets horrified to protest tells me the country is headed back into the abyss. It seems as soon as the generation that saw the horrors of groupthink and statism began to die off, the mad rush to return to it all b...moreegan anew. It's very sad to see. So hopefully, Germany will wake up this time before it's too late.
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