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  • [ – ] aonor2 reply Very brave of you. I am interested in your past as you briefly alluded to in your previous videos. Although I see a vast gap between color and illness discrimination, I am curious to hear your thoughts.
    • [ – ] AdventuresOfSuze parent reply Discrimination is discrimination! But yes good comment I talk about that in my book xx
      • aonor2 parent reply On the surface yes. My comment is specifically referencing understanding how different forms of discrimination feel. All forms are detestable, but some illnesses are hidden, unless symptoms are showing or its revealed. Therefore you may be aware of when to be aware of discrimination. Whereas experiencing discrimination from a physical difference such as the color of your skin is a constant threat because it can not be hidden. In some situations the stress can be never-ending. My point is that all discrimination is illogical, but it's unwise to assume that you can completely relate to all as you said in your previous video "Thoughts from London". Look at what's going on in America for example. African Americans are being forced to go to schools and public establishments heroically named after war enemies that wanted all African Americans to remain in slavery and be considered 3/5 human. Or the discrimination they experience when they get racially profiled by the police and in ...morenumerous cases get robbed of life because the police thought they were a threat even though no weapon was present and they were bound. And worst of all, the president is condoning the behavior. You see you are a good person Suze so you may sympathize for people that experience this type of racial discrimination, but it's not the same as an illness discrimination. You can't empathize with it unless you experienced it. In America, your life may be at risk in certain situations based on the color of your skin.
  • Netsurferx reply We were supposed to go to London this year but plans changed - I'm hoping to make it next year. We have friends in Eastleigh.
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