1952 Flash Flood of Lynmouth (UK) & Operation Cumulus (Weather Warfare Proof)

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  • IanHoward369 reply Cool Wor kid.
  • Barni_Yamum reply restore recover and rebuild=123 / 147 /100 /2232 /1116...
  • Barni_Yamum reply sth is wrong with this vidme page.... i compared some featured channels to urs zach and u are just a for this short time here...u already have more points then many of em.... and they still dont upgrade ur acc.... youtube=53 /28 vidme=53 /28
  • StrykesV2 reply Weather manipulation is a fact, geoengineering is fact. But surely there has to be a better reason to create and/or manipulate these weather events just for more funds, especially when the damage done is in the hundreds of millions or BILLIONS like in Hurricane Katrina.
  • SauceWizdom reply Culumus are a type of cloud. Cumulonimbus are rain clouds.
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