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  • [ – ] PapaKennMedia reply I recently started using VidMe to a degree, and have been planning to do some more research on advantages to this platform vs YouTube (where I have just short of 3000 subscribers as of this comment). It seems to have a lot of very positive aspects, and I may start advertising its existence on the YouTube channel in the future as a YT alternative (if nothing else). I'm not at a point where I feel comfortable subscribing to any channels here on VidMe, but will definitely give you a follow. Look forward to seeing some of your stuff in the future (and your archives whenever I have the time to do so).
    • CapnMintbeard parent reply Thank you for following! They are very different ecosystems. Compared to YouTube, I have more followers on vidme vs YouTube subscribers, I get far more community and individual interaction, I have been a part of many collabs on vidme compared to none on YouTube, and I have 2 subscribers on vidme (while YouTube doesn't have an analogue I'm sure if it did no one would donate to me), vidme is much younger so it is a good opportunity to establish yourself before it does get huge, and lastly I've actually interacted with the vidme staff via email while YouTube is run by robots. So, it really depends on what you want out of the platform. Do you want to make a career out of publishing on vidme? Not yet, but most likely after YouTube collapses under the weight of its own BS you might. Are you interested in being part of a video site that has actual positive and interesting comment sections instead of the text equivalent of burning diapers? Vidme has that covered. Its sort of like living in a s...moremall town vs a big city.
  • [ – ] Snownect reply I understand the differnces between YouTube, and Vidme. It is really hard to stop making videos on YouTube and start posting them on vidme. I understand the feeling you have. Starting something new is always right. :) Lots and LOTS of people out in YouTube are talking about why they quited YouTube and stuff like that. I understand that feeling. When I was I young kid, I felt like that I wanted to start my own YouTube channel, but my parents never did let ed me in tell I was 13. Then they would let me make my own YouTube channel. All what I am trying to say that don't let your self down, All ways belive in you, and don't let your fans down. :) Have great day CapnMintbeard, Also, Great Video you made budy!!!!!!! :) :) :)
    • CapnMintbeard parent reply Thanks friend. Honestly at this point, if I didn't see some value in posting to both YouTube and Vidme I'd just do Vidme. But if you ask most people about where they learned about Vidme (myself included) they will tell you they heard about Vidme through YouTube. So, counter intuitive as it may seem, I think for the time being that posting to both actually helps Vidme because it gets the word out.
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