Vidme Requires at Least 50 Followers?!

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  • SamEarl13 reply Does make me worry a bit for newcomers considering I don't even have 50 and was just lucky to verify as soon as possible because being unverified means not being able to publish to categories or get to trending at all making it super hard to get found. Although luckily its just strongly implied so I'm sure people who are active in the community are more likely to get verified even if they're below that amount.
  • GreyMovies reply I completely understand why they're doing it. They want creators to work for a following, and that's what I'm doing. My biggest issue is the upload limit of 1 GB a week. Starting in June, my plan was to start pumping out daily content on here and on YouTube. Unless I get verified by then, that can't happen here. But I'm not gonna let that stop me. I'm gonna work for my 50 and get that verification. If anything, them setting the bar higher is gonna make me work harder. So while I would prefer the easier way, I understand, respect, and appreciate the route they're going because I know small creators have a great shot on here due to their passion and dedication for what they do.
  • amberthest reply I hit 50 subs on Youtube a few days ago before joining Vidme. It did take me a long time on there. I also spent months searching for small creators like me and i only found a small handful. I already feel quite comfortable on this site, and I'm not worried about the 50 followers verification requirement. I think its a good idea, and just think about how hard it is to get a verified symbol on any other site! It gives small creators a chance to look "professional" and really supports the hard work of creators big and small.
  • FreshTechTV reply I think this is a needed change as the site grows and more users come over everyone shouldn't be able to get a pass asap this helps reduce oversaturation and ensures creators are putting more skin in the game to get verified
  • DGTLONE reply Awesome vlog bro Keep up the great work .
  • bunniiBGG reply i think its a good thing. sure its easy for me to say since i got mine like the day after i started vidme but now it makes people put in more effort to earn it ya kno? i get how some might feel frustrated by this but i dont mind it so much
  • [ – ] darkoxv88 reply my problem is that without verification i can only upload 3Gb per week. that means that i can barely upload 1 video.
    • Outlet_Podcast parent reply I suggest that you make all the content you can. Then just upload only the most entertaining videos. Maybe limit the length too. condense.
  • I3UTM reply Well, coming from a technical perspective, this should have been implemented awhile ago. Servers and bandwidth cost money. They only have a 10 Human-staffed facility. The last number of "Vidmers" was around 25 million or so sometime last year. I do not blame them for doing this. I was also lucky but applied for Verified status three or four times, early. I am taking the positive angle here.
  • MysticSword reply If they are doing that restriction (have at least 50 Followers before being verified), then they might consider to remove or change a couple of the other restrictions (like the un-verified limitations on uploads of file-size and time-length per video or not being able to post the video to a category, etc..), as it could be more difficult to a small / new Creators to gain Followers with all those other restrictions as well. Anyways, I imagine VidMe will be going through some growing-pains for a while.
  • GeekDevotions reply Welp i'm giving it a shot bro. Looks pretty cool
  • jrswab reply I made my vidme account back and January and could have been verified without much effort but I did not start uploading until yesterday. I understand why they have done it and I will work hard to get it
  • Outlet_Podcast reply Hi what do you think? Is it fair?
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