Thank You Fellow Vidizens

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  • [ – ] duffy reply woohoo!
  • [ – ] jhk reply 👋 high fives
  • [ – ] nodetact reply You know when Vidizens are a positive and expansive influence in the community if even their speech impediments and/or vocal lisps are entirely forgivable, in that they express themselves with such vibrant attitudes and personalities... and so I thank you, @FireRam! Sorry if I don't follow you myself, as I want to have a fair Vidme following page, but to be honest, know that its because of people like you that keep my hopes up for more than just Vidme alone (though I will still make videos whether I am lonely or discouraged). I am not yet verified personally, but this list below are upgrades you should have received since getting that purple spiked checkmark: Videos: 3GB per week reset-> 20GB uploads with no weekly limits Publicity: 15+ categories, including trending and new, can be used Monetization: You earn from tips, subscriptions and advertisements Next: Can get golden star by being a featured creator at least once Synopsis: A really great start to prove you are who you say...more you are ...And you're great. I think I'll be able to check out your channel, too!
    • FireRam parent reply @nodetact thanks, man, fab feedback, and i do know about the verified stuff am not even bothering with YouTube now much prefer vid me as they care about there creators.
  • [ – ] MinionMan reply I'll follow you just to hear how funny you talk.
  • [ – ] tonygreene113 reply you're welcome
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