The Era of Strategic Patience is Over

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  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply If the stereotypes are true , NKorea doesn't have that much dick to wag.
  • [ – ] ModernCaveman reply Fuck all those shills on Youtube Gumming up the comments. Bring Back Boddy Jones
  • towbar1965 reply We are one world pussys
  • mathphysicsnerd reply Going in and reunifying the peninsula is fine and all, but I do think that it'll take more than just military victory to have a truly unified Korea. The US should do with Korea as it has Japan; maybe even bring them into an individual trade deal to keep the economy there stable. Between a stable economy and military aid from the US, Korea would serve as a fine protectorate and trade partner of the US
  • [ – ] wolfalexzemla reply I dont think they would fire at south korea. Why would they. Loyalists to kim might fire at Americans out of fear but once major air strikes started they would quit and bring out the flowers.
    • MidrangeKEK parent reply I suggest watching "Our Job In Japan" by Dr. Seuss (before he took the name). I think the parallels are striking.
    • MidrangeKEK parent reply You have probably the world's biggest cult who worship 2 dead guys and a living son. Even deprogrammed defectors still have high regards for Sung.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Ok ok but why is it the us alone who has to take care of this??? Why should the us pay for this shit... we're nowhere near these fuckers! There needs to be a coalition and alliance and have other countries help us... damn this acting unilaterally nonsense why should we go bankrupt over some ornery fatkid douchebag? I have very little problem with fucking them up; but i don't get why allies in the region aren't footing the bill and sending their boys to fight with ours.
  • veteranmountianman reply Very good deconstruction on the actions of North Korea.
  • Matt1685 reply If a group of people take action that leads to a nuclear strike from North Korea, they will be blamed alone. But if a nuclear strike, even if 10 times worse, comes from North Korea as a result of years of inaction, then each group of people who potentially could have taken action will have each other as company to point their fingers at. So, there is a bias to take no action, even as North Korea's capabilities grow.
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