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  • [ – ] christina_church reply And my children have to grow up around adults... who have a fucking mindset such as hers. fml
  • [ – ] paulzpc reply I get the feeling she is a school teacher. ( horror )
  • Justice_Seeker reply What a stupid cunt! Fucking sick of social justice warrior snowflakes!
  • [ – ] lonewalker1987 reply Fuck youtube this new platform will be the final nail in there already made coffin
  • [ – ] yourjokingright reply She's going to die alone.If she don't drop this white guilt/feminist bullshit.Not even her cats will stay with her.;)
  • [ – ] Jenbear reply I wish she would stay focused. Suit, I don't know how you listen to these people without losing your mind.
  • geirpg reply At about 17 min. "If you're not thinking about it, you're part of the problem" - perhaps she should think less about this "problem. These People make up problems in their own heads....
  • Cellblock776 reply She goes on and on about men "manspreading" and taking up "her space". Where is she that this is a real problem? Does she spend everyday crammed into a shipping container or shoved into a meeting room with double the number allowed by fire codes? How is Manspreading even a problem for 99.9% of people in 99.9% of their days? Is this like a Star Trek episode where people were living on a planet so crowded that they couldn't even lay down? EVERYONE takes up a certain amount of "personal" space. Thin people may take up less than people who are fat. Cultural and societal norms will generally dictate the accepted "personal space" that people give each other. Unless you spend all day riding very crowed public transportation I really don't see how you would ever be confronted by a guy "manspreading" into your personal space.
  • [ – ] douglastynyparc reply Snowflake comedy gold :D Thanks Suit!
  • MonsterMash13 reply So in her mind, ALL her experiences trumps ALL Other peoples because it happened to her as a woman? But we are not able to say all? Huh?
  • [ – ] phook reply "And feminists always go full retard."
  • [ – ] Turbo_Spice reply Sorry about YouTube...Can you do more Mohamed and his rubbish bags dancing? Love it, keep fighting!!
  • TheChambersofMyHeart reply This lady is freakin nuts. I can't listen to this shit before bed. She'll give me a headache.
  • MilesJenkins reply ban ALL the words!
  • GanjaGamerKen reply funny she wants all removed except when it applies to her generalizing of people ..
  • ButMuhTweets reply These people are toxic scum. Don't they come close to grasping how bigoted their own statements are.
  • J0Hn_F3rD reply Wants to ban the word, 'all.' So much for being inclusive! But then, this is the usual thing we've come to expect from these social justice morons. All lives matter is inclusive, where as Black lives matter excludes everyone who isn't black! This woman hasn't got a single inkling of what a clue is, never mind actually having one, about what she's talking about.
  • SirMckluncker reply I was harassed by a land whale today and I'm male but I don't go on tumblr bitching about it. Happy to see ya suit
  • ZKHJames reply Stupid cunt needs to shut the fuck up
  • barcodebattler reply DIRECTORS NOTES: SCRIPT: The World "_ _ _". ACT 1 SCENE 1 "Umm. Hi!" (Pause to allow median members of target audience to catch up) "I felt like making a video." (Pause to allow a minority of the less than median members to catch up) [Directors note:] Reshoot. Pause to roll eyes. We got faulted on failing to represent people with obnoxious manners. Redouble efforts to confirm social justice, we shouldn't have come so close to being excommunicated over something clearly ableist. "Umm." (Jerks head like body has begun rebelling against the pace the brain isn't sending new instructions) "Talk about something" [Directors note:] Actual dialog. To be clear, I'm not seeking ad libbing, we risk losing our target audience. (Deep inhale. Pause) "So... I'm having a real big issue with this, word 'all'." [Directors note:] Actual dialog. To be clear, NO AD-LIBBING. Improve is the tool of the patriachy. "I think that we should probably maybe strike it from a lot of out conversations. [Direc...moretors note:] Shut down any conversations about the implications for any of Martin Luther King's speech's on set after the shoot, but not before getting names so you know who to blacklist.
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