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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply If Funimation was making their own original content, it wouldn't bother me as much. Ten-to-fifteen years ago, they were up to par with ADV and Streamline/Orion. Now they've become a (somewhat) less shitty version of Central Park Media. Come on, their dub of Familiar of Zero sucked. Saito's English voice didn't fit the character, and Cristina Vee as Louise was flat out annoying. By the way, I'd advise you to put the Pound/Hashtag in front of your tag words, and when writing tags like that, don't use spaces. Examples: #Funimation #MyGirlfriendIsAGal Truth be told, what Funimation and Viz Media need are more competitors, and good ones at that.
    • HyruleAnime parent reply Thank for the criticism on the tags I appreciate that and I agree with everything you said. As for competition they Vizmedia and Sentai Filmworks who are making really good dubs. So there is competition it's just people need to speak with their wallets.
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