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  • [ – ] DoobelS reply Dude, this was awesome! xD More people need to see this, I feel like there is not enough of videos like this on vidme. Why are so many dressed in the same pants and hats, though? :o
    • [ – ] UnarmoredForce parent reply Thank you so much for the support man! I appreciate it a lot! :D (Sorry for not replying right away, I wasn't at the computer.) In Finland we receive those white hats when we graduate from high school and the pants are like higher education "party uniforms", different schools have different colored pants. Then there are a few days during the year when people usually put on the graduate hats and people go out in their school's colors! This was one of those days. :)
      • DoobelS parent reply Cool! Sounds kind of like our "russe"-celebration in Norway. During one month near the end of the last year in high school students buy these red or blue pants with matching hats ... then they just drink and party for a whole month while they complete stupid challenges to get things tied into a string in the top of their hat. It's very weird xD
    • UnarmoredForce parent reply Bulkingman and cheat day robin! I remember I was trying to hold my laughter because the group that picked up the donuts while I was holding the sign were muttering some pretty weird/funny stuff. I couldn't hear them when editing, so I couldn't provide subtitles for that sadly. The guy who was offering to kiss my butthole and his friends were pretty chill (very drunk, but chill haha). When you give people nice things like donuts, you never know what they want to give back ahhaha
  • RAGEfit reply screw batman, we need bulkingman
  • RAGEfit reply chick in the white jacket grabbed the donut then darted outta there like she was in danger or some shit lol
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