Shed Time - THE MADNESS OF A FULL MOON! (You know nothing John Snow!)

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  • BrianAiya reply i really like listening to your perspective because you have the best balance of being in Vidme for a long time plus you have the IT knowledge. You pointed out many important things about the search and advertising. I like seeing so many creators passionate about vidme being better and we are all proactive. In the end of the day, yes, the progress is slow however it's still improving. I enjoy watching your Shed time vids
  • CrazyRocky reply I definitely agree people need to calm tf down and in my 6 months of being here massive changes have been made. The vidme team is working hard, and we need to let them work.
  • MartyReactions reply The vidizens need to chill. We definitely need to get more people on this site. Otherwise, having ads will be pointless.
  • Kentantino reply Oh and amazing hat XD
  • Kentantino reply Great video fedora XD
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Thank you for your voice!!!! :)
  • Brologic_Productions reply Yeeees! The search functionality is a big problem of the site. The times I've tried to use it have been a problematic experience. Mostly because it's cluttered with videos I'm not searching for. You seem to understand the problem more than I do though, given your background (Hell just what you're doing for the site, Total respect there.) What would be the more nuanced stuff vidme's search could be implemented? Because searching by category filters is sort of a no-brainer, but I'm getting a feeling that youtube does more than just search for keywords to help videos in the long term. Also to comment on a footnote, the weighted upvoting. If I understand correctly that this is the boosting from the picks page. I just don't get why it would be needed when there's a dedicated page for that. Unless there are other forms of it that I'm not aware of.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply So fly by upvotes. Let's say why they are bad. They push up trash content. They make people lazy viewers. "I don't have time to watch every one of their stinking videos" exactly. Some content like from rocky is great but other people have trash content. YOUR motivations are probably justified to you to do it. But there are whole communities that do it to each other and trash content just keeps rising while nice genuine creators struggle. I understand it's a necessary evil (sometimes) but there are more people abusing it than others doing it right. I get the message. People are not happy with my fighting. I might be seen as toxic. Warpath said the exact same thing. He called me toxic too... I'm not happy. The more I done stuff the more I discovered EVERYONE was doing some certain shady stuff... I said if i had a voice i would use it but there are tooooo many shady people. You your self know more than you are saying and you know this. Difference is I don't have a filter.
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply This is not against you, there has been a lot of discontent lately from creators in the community. The point is to slow down. Each creator scream from the mountain top gets ignored after a while. keeping in perspective the flaws or advantages of other video platforms is good too. I have a few ideas to see if certain topics can be discussed and more empirical input can be used.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply But what about those that are greatly disadvantaged? If you ever want to arrange for a discussion among a few of the creators you feel would help this discussion like a podcast sort of thing I would love to be involved or see it.
        • JennyFedora parent reply What would help some is some straight up surveys on a few specific issues where the final data can be seen by everyone in the community. Companies do market surveys all the time to get a feel for what their customers want.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply I can't take u seriously with that hat m8 how dare u show something that expresses your political values
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply This was quite an interesting perspective, I do agree that the site has definitely been improving although there are some things people feel should never have been a problem (especially the search). I also agree that there should be a way to more easily report people with bad avatars, I found some myself that I have listed but I personally don't know where to send it.
  • SharkPlaysGames reply people are expecting too much right out the gate in too short of time. great points dude. i think these are things that should be said again and again occasionally.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply His name is Jon
  • RadRadioNews reply Youtubers with 1M subs that dont make vidme exclusive videos Dont help with nothing AskaGangsta and Weird News rely care about vdme even if they have a lot of audience on yt BUT THEY MAKE VIDME EXCLUSIVE CONTENT ! Now : Jade , ComputingForever , CasualyExplain ,And all the others that never made vidme exclusive content THEY ARE STEALING THE SCENE !!!!
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