German Candy Review: Fritt Taffy (Wife Collab)

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  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Lol! Loved the transition from you to Annie. I know that's commonly used by people, but it was still cool. 2. Nothing wrong with having braces at any age in my opinion. Annie was cracking me up with some of her reactions, AND I got a burp in there lol! I don't like cola flavored candy either, especially the root beer flavored. I like root beer but not as a candy flavor. For taffy, it seemed to dissolve quickly. Maybe it just looked that way.
    • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply I couldn't stop laughing either when I played the video back after she initially recorded her bit. I kept thinking, "I have got to put her in a lot more of my videos!" So I'm planning on doing just that. Every excuse I get to include her in future videos I will. Unfortunately she doesn't like beer, coffee, and most energy drinks. That's basically 98% of my content! But the other 2% you can bet she will be joining me.
  • [ – ] SINternetEntertainment reply You need to get her a drink. She look like she needed it.
    • November_Fox parent reply Perhaps I'll get her a glass of water next time she does a food review for me. We've already recorded a sequel episode for this that's posting next week. Unfortunately, we didn't think to get her a drink for that one either. We'll see about the one after that.
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