FO4-Vault 75-exit

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  • Janecio reply Does casual clothes occupy all of the armor layers?
  • evoker13 reply Alright thanks for upload by the way love the magnum new look
  • evoker13 reply Hey can you check if the name Daniel works please?
  • Fallout4BOS reply @Janecio i believe if you where to wear a casual suit you could still apply armor over them sorry if i read your question wrong
  • Fallout4BOS reply i have two more videos edited and ready to upload but they may take awhile to upload due to their size (just under 10 minutes) the next two videos will contain slight spoiler warnings as they give a brief glimpse of the BOS base at the beginning of the first video regardless i hope you enjoy them :)
  • Fallout4BOS reply @evoker13 like i said in my first upload these are recording from a live stream not my actual game but im pretty sure that name will work as its a very common/popular name sorry for the lack of information buddy
  • Janecio reply @Fallout4BOS Sorry for my Englando :P And thanks for answer :)
  • Fallout4BOS reply scratch that its not a brief glimpse but i meant the slight spoiler scene is slight apologies for explaining it wrong
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