Why Emulation Is Important

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  • [ – ] Draximus reply I love using emulators. I know that people get all uptight about emulating a game instead of buying, but there are many games/consoles that you can't obtain or buy anymore
  • CurtRichy reply Great points man great video!
  • Sharpwing reply Since companies have all but killed the idea of public domain, people seem to have forgotten that there are rules that don't work for us or our generation, and yes while breaking the rules is not the most positive idea to enforce, it is an inevitable reality that these things will and must happen. There should be a difference between stealing an idea, preserving it and deriving inspiration from it. Without these differences being established, people can be branded as thieves for a few simple mistakes and the laws that were once seen to better society oppress it and systematically destroy it by making the creation of new culture harder and harder to do. Eventually it will get to the point that it is impossible to express ourselves through new culture because copyright as it currently is will have all works derived from something else under lock and key. We should not sit back and act like that is a just future for us or the generations beyond us. It will result only in everything we wor...moreked for being taken and noting being given for hundreds of years.
  • [ – ] ToxicToucan reply Way to start the video with Custers Revenge. Lol.
  • lolinternet reply Great video...........that intro though
  • GAM3RSDOOM reply I hate using emulators, it just doesn't feel right to me.
  • DrawingEnatias reply I really think emulators are really good, although I do buy games personally. I do also emulate them for a better quality videos, and I also Archive a lot of my backups from Cartridges from my Game Saves since you may never know when your game file get's corrupt or no longer work. But yeah, very good point. with about emulators, and they are there for archive and backups too c:
  • ymansjusn reply Apparently this is the new YouTube?
  • [ – ] Satire_Ceilingfan reply You make a very good point, especially with the Mona Lisa example. Good video.
  • FossilBossTV reply https://vid.me/KEJ7 like pokemon heres a horible mic vid for pokemon
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