Secret of Mana Critique - Casposaurus

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  • Octotiggy reply We streamed this on YouTube recently, and I think the main thing that annoyed us about the game was the enemy dodging. It seemed like certain enemies had a very high dodge rate, no matter how high you leveled. On top of that, the dodging had no visual representation apart from your attack doing no damage. I've never missed the word "miss" so much in an RPG, though I think that even with a visual representation the rate of dodging would still be too high. I'd rather land more hits on a damage sponge than miss a majority of my attacks on a regular enemy (especially if that enemy happens to clone itself like the slimes!). It got to the point near the end of the game where we just ran through rooms without fighting any enemy that we knew would dodge more than once. Oddly, the game didn't really seem to have an issue with this. We also played the game 3-player, which completely eliminated the issue with the AI's pathfinding, though whenever one of us took a break and tagged the AI back in,...more it soon reared its ugly head. It was also supremely annoying that whenever a dead player was revived, they would default back to the AI, and we would inevitably spend a few seconds wondering why we couldn't control the character before we remembered we had to tag ourselves back in again. Our last major gripe was with the last boss. Not sure if it was just because we were tired at the end of a 5 hour stream, but we interpreted the game as telling us that the only person who could land a hit on the last boss was the main character, and so two of us spent the entire battle keeping the mana sword powered while the main character tried to hit the boss. Aside from that, we didn't realise that the mana sword spell would last longer if we'd leveled up the... tree spirit or whatever before we came into the last boss, which of course we hadn't done because of the "let's just go" mentality we got near the end of the game. And to top things off, the difference between characters at level 50 and 65 was apparently the difference between hitting the boss 1 out of 50 times, and 1 out of 5 times. Incredibly frustrating to come in thinking you can only hit the boss with one character, he never lands a hit, and the other two have to constantly pause the game to power up your sword (which also breaks your weapon charge). Going back and grinding ten levels made all the difference. Probably just user error on that one, but still. Anyway, all in all we still liked the game, but I kept thinking "A Link To The Past did this part better", which was a shame.
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