Mikey talks about taking responsibility ..

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  • keikomushi reply I doubt that Michael even realizes that he is being a hypocrite. That would require introspection and self-examination.
  • OuchDamn reply The funny thing about Mikey and Fisty and Timmy, et al., is that whenever they do a live stream, it's like watching a video feed of the cafeteria table where the most unpopular high school freshmen all meet during lunch break and talk about how dumb and stupid the popular kids are.
  • brileevir reply Sounds like it's about time for Mikey to change his tampon. Be gentle. He's feeling a bit bloated.
  • ButMuhTweets reply Hey M M MM Mikey, you can get help with that stutter when you get upset, you can also get help for the obvious hate issues you have, don’t want you making an exploding vest in the name of Social Justice.
  • Platypus67 reply What a bigotten piece of dishonest dogshit this cunt mikey is: what about taking responsibility for what his "anti"fa criminals did?! People like sargon NEVER EVER harmed anyone - in absolute contrary to YOUR violent sjw mother fuckers!! Stop twisting the truth you venomous leftist SCUM!!
  • charlieM60 reply No Platforming..suprise, suprise. Could Mikey burn to the ground mentally please as he is deplorable?
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply Rebuttal - the best morning cereals.
  • [ – ] frankblackcrow reply Catholics and most followers of Christian belief have the cross as a symbol, Jews have the 6 pointed star Buddhist have Buddha, and other faiths/religions have their symbols that represent what they believe in,, what do atheists have,, nothing,, because it's not a thing like some would say as if it was a movement, that it's something a person is or isn't as that as a movement would only be for purposes of self gratification and for pats on the back,, or for the real reason,, to make cash from,, as a vehicle to create an argument that atheism, is as like any other religion,, that it's something to,, not belive in,, is the main part of it as a belief system,, and needs a symbol so as that those that don't believe in god,, as a self proclaiming religion without the actual fact of being a religion,, the symbol should be a stick up an arse hole.
    • [ – ] Victor_von_Doom_Jr parent reply Yeah, stop with this strawman argument please. There are different kind of atheists out there. Some just realized the scam religion is and turned agnostic, some were religious and were dissapointed and left and a minority just traded their religion for another cult like SJW, BLM or feminism. I was born atheist because my parents left it up to me to make decisions that have significant impact on my life and I decided to have my morals based on the necessities of peace, happyness and the safety of my family. The keyword here is responsibility. Some assholes claim to be atheists but just identify as something to justify their actions to avoid percussions.
      • [ – ] frankblackcrow parent reply LOL, strawman,, that would be a good symbol for their non religion, that they wan't to have their "meetings" for, that they ask for money for,, strawman,, good symbol for them, at least it would give them something to hang around their necks,, maybe the Blair witch type of effigy would be a good strawman symbol,, then everyone could say, look their go's another strawman atheist. strawman argument,, it was a comment,, I am not the one replying and creating an argument to "my comment",, that is what is called a strawman presumption, it's a SJW tactic. Those ginger atheists they are evil,, I do agree there are different type of antsiest,, the cunt atheist is middle of the road as of the ginger atheists,, they need to put on their own special island.
        • [ – ] Victor_von_Doom_Jr parent reply A strawman argument is when you blame a community/group/nation on the actions of a single or some members of said group. Like I said, there is a just a minority of people claiming to be atheists but just have traded one cult for another, chanting the same phrases over and over and are unable to apply common sense - just like every other indoctrinated cult member. Despite popular believe, atheists don't gather in communities or found villages to live in. It is just normal people don't give a shit about mystical entities and shit. Always keep in mind that if Gods exists, then why would anyone need clerics at all? And I have no clue what you mean with "ginger atheists".
          • frankblackcrow parent reply My original thinking of a symbol of a stick up an arse is possibly more appropriate for a symbol of atheism. As was what I was saying in my first original comment that you seem to be taking off track and trying to create that same strawman, that you created the argument about in the first place, your wanting to create argument for not the right reasons is very odd and tells me the stick is well and truly stuck up that arse
        • [ – ] keikomushi parent reply Not sure if Frank is a troll or simply doesn't understand what "strawman" means in the context of making an argument.
          • [ – ] frankblackcrow parent reply that what your not understanding is that the word STRWMAN is used to shout down people when the content of some ones comments are not like by those that use the STRAWMAN argument as validation to their creation of argument,, as like when someone uses race baiting tactics to try and create an argument,. I was the one who started the original comment, as of being about what would be a good symbol for atheists,, the stick up an ass as being appropriat is what came to mind from other people using the tackics of the SJW's need to use STRAWMAN as an attack qualifier. As I originated the post, as of the first comment, it's not me who's the troll.
            • keikomushi parent reply Or maybe... just maybe, it is being used correctly. Each person should at least consider the possibility that they are making a strawman. Consider the points made first to make sure that it is framing the other side's argument correctly. Avoid Ad Hominem attacks as well, such as saying that simply because a person is associated with "x" or comes from "y" that they aren't allowed to make an argument because a good argument is irrelevant to the person that makes it. Also, claiming that a concept is the same as a symbol is a strange equivalency, especially when that concept refers to "arguments" which relate to communication between multiple people. One can be drawn whilst the other can be written. A symbol conveys a large idea whilst text has a tendency to require a lot more than a squiggle and is not standardised. As such, you can use multiple sentences and paragraphs to convey the same idea. The language also has a "style" and "character" to it, often showing the personality of the ...moreperson making that argument.
        • [ – ] Platypus67 parent reply Frankie, the TRIGGERED black sparrow... (isn't 'black' cultural appropriation - or ARE you really of african heritage?!)
          • frankblackcrow parent reply Platypus67 Sorry I wont answer that question as your triggered enough by trying to race bait. Africa as a country, is spelt with a capital letter. Colour or shade does not define me, (nor should it you)as this is the internet, and no one has race unless they want to use it as victim status or of their privilege, as being able to use the internet is proof we both have that as a privilege.. My name is just my email name,, as I do have other's of similar naming, as of animal, colour or place,, makes for good ways to create email addresses, like as if someone was to call themselves after a bear or use it as a logo or other form of identifier, black doesn't depict race, as some do as to appropriate it when using it because they might be triggered as that some SJW's get triggered from it being used.. nope.
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