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  • [ – ] CYBERDEW41 reply Sexually Transmitted Diseases -- The Beginning. Sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating. And it gets everywhere.
  • [ – ] 3oddbits reply I am now VERY glad I got rid of my TV. Thanks for the Warning, Suit.
    • OxAcientOrder parent reply said, "Thanks for the Warning, Suit." WHAT Warning!? I didn't see no blasted warning. Stupid show it looks like to me
  • [ – ] VoltaicFire reply Suit! You have VidMe's ear, could you suggest they implement a way to seek through videos on mobile? Something like the method VLC uses would be ideal.
    • Platypus67 parent reply Hell yeah! And bring back the icons of whom i follow!! There's no way to check out except of typing in their names every time in the search section; and i really can't remember every single one of them... And btw. Where has the 'contact vidme' address gone?
  • whitezombie reply Best comedy in a long while, thanks suit.
  • henriz reply Excellent summary of the pilot
  • [ – ] rxantos reply Joke aside, is the new star trek any good or is it a propaganda film?
    • [ – ] SuitYourself parent reply I'd give it a -4 out of 100.
      • rxantos parent reply Although the STD turned out to be an STD it make me learn of a funny series called "The Orville" the effects are not as good as the STD. but it does reminds me of Start Trek more than the current garbage. While is comedy, They do handle adult themes on a non condescending way. No virtue signalling so far, but no shying from subjects in society either. In particular episode 3 was well handled.
    • whitezombie parent reply Shite mate, worse that the force awakens. The bitch of a main character managed to assault her captain and start a war in two episodes. Talk about walking disaster. She can't do anything right. Wonder who wrote the character. Whoever ,whatever it was hates women that's for sure. Maybe its some trans who fell afoul of TURFS and holds a grudge.
  • AlexHimawari reply Women... can't even get their directions right... fucking walking in circles...
  • The_Lamb reply I have seen different reviews on the new Star Trek, but this is the best by far. LMFAO. Nice on Suit :) Cheers.
  • RayOfHope reply STD - the beginning of the end or is it already the end.
  • DevilHasRisen40 reply Very good video
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